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rjmsci OP t1_j7py4pq wrote

Couldn't fit it in the title, but an interesting factor is that long-term ME/CFS patients had microbiota that looked like that of health controls. But instead they had metabolic alterations in their plasma - suggesting that changes in the microbiota may lead to long-term changes elsewhere. Also, correlation not causation, folks!

Link here:


DiscrepencyDestroyer t1_j7q101l wrote

Is it easy to get tested for this because I think I need too...


kalaid0s t1_j7q3vej wrote

Stool test. There are ones you can send in by mail


DiscrepencyDestroyer t1_j7q44yy wrote

Thank you I'm sorry for pawning the question off like this. I probably could have done the research. Just nice to hear from someone who already knows


Potential_Limit_9123 t1_j7qknz0 wrote

Don't get too excited. There are many problems with those, including if you test from 2 different locations you get 2 results; test from same location but send to 2 companies, you get 2 results; the actual biome may not be the same as your results.


kalaid0s t1_j7tx7gz wrote

I advice you see an internist regarding your issues and they can then give you instructions which test is best to take, as there are a lot of different markers you can test for.


AntiTas t1_j7tdwug wrote

or just assume the gut flora is problematic and serve up people a course of poo transplants and conducive dietary changes.


Throwway123452 t1_j7t5n8v wrote

I need this test as well, I miss being as active as I used to be. I have a home gym but I simply just don't seem to have the energy anymore to do anything in it even if I try.