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MushroomNovaCat t1_j7xvdq7 wrote

Because we have studies showing that people who consume less processed foods, who have maintained their traditional cuisines, live longer on average than people who eat highly processed Western diets.


Dabalam t1_j7zsmz1 wrote

I don't think that's accurate. The specific question we're asking is if you control for calories can you achieve the same longevity regardless of diet. Observational studies on people who tend to eat more calorie dense refined food do not control for calorie intake.


hooplala822 t1_j7zycp9 wrote

On the Huberman Lab podcast, an interesting note he made was that in a mouse study, obese mice that fasted lived as long as healthy BMI mice that fasted and both outlived mice that did not fast/did not calorie restrict


MushroomNovaCat t1_j80guu4 wrote

This particular study did not monitor diet so no, that question has not been answered. It's not understood why caloric restriction improves health and longevity, there are various competing theories which were outlined in a study someone else linked in a comment.