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Tykjen t1_j7ysfqh wrote

Human history just keeps getting older. Awesome.


Big-Mathematician540 t1_j8114yw wrote

No no, the world was created like 4000 years ago, after the Egyptian civilization had already thrived for a thousand years. /crazyligious people

It's amazing how far back we go, and how fast things start changing with innovation. First it takes a million years to master one thing, then a million for another, and then suddenly only a few thousand years, and then 10k years ago explosion and that just keeps giving.

Although things like monotheistic religions are really slowing down society in this regard.


HeirophantGreen t1_j7wihlg wrote

Fascinating article! Different species yet had the same inspiration to make stone tools.

>That means they would have eaten the flesh raw or pounded it into a fine mush, a la hippo tartare.

That sounds like a classy meal!


ZealousidealArm375 t1_j80bzze wrote

2.9 million years ago hunting hippos with sticks and stones was not for a faint of heart. I respect our ancestors more with each new learning.


Halcyon_Rein t1_j80olx2 wrote

We are not new. In the words of Picasso, “we have invented nothing”


Willinton06 t1_j85r0jl wrote

Picasso can stick to paining, we’ve invented plenty


Halcyon_Rein t1_j85x6x3 wrote

I think you’re missing the point. It’s not that we haven’t made new technology. It’s that we’ve made new technology mostly to do the same things but better.

Everything we do is about achieving the same basic set of ends that we’ve always had. Live well, not die, etc


Willinton06 t1_j8628ar wrote

I disagree, our space tech is made out of human wonder, not just for quality of life


Halcyon_Rein t1_j86a52c wrote

Ah yes, I’m sure our ancestors never did anything out of wonder (ya know, like, exploration or anything)

They were nomads. First on land, then on the sea, and now the stars.


GiraffeAdditional299 t1_j83e5p2 wrote

I love how the cock of human history keeps getting longer, further deepthroating the zealots into a gurgling spasm.


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