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charonpdx t1_j7y570a wrote

FFS, people. I don't object to posting studies that show the actual medically-beneficial aspects of cannabis - but at least post the links to the actual study, not to obviously-biased sources' summaries/news articles of it...


Paul_C t1_j7ykdu2 wrote

There's a pubmed link to it in the first sentence of the article.


tornpentacle t1_j7zfhj6 wrote

Doesn't really detract from the point. Most people encountering this post will never actually examine the study, just read the editorialized NORML version.


TheLostHippos t1_j7zcv5a wrote

"All 187 contacted patients participated in the study. Since the start of CbM therapy, 44.9% of patients reported to be much or very much, 43.3% to be moderately and 8.0% to be slightly improved overall. A total of 2.7% reported no change and 1.1% a moderate deterioration of overall wellbeing. From the patients' point of view, the symptoms most frequently reported to have substantially improved were sleep problems (36.4%), muscle tension (25.1%) and appetite problems (22.1%). The most frequent bothersome side effects were sweating (6.4%), concentration problems (4.2%) and nausea (4.1%)."


Glad to know I'm not alone in the sweating after using cannabis products.


SoNonGrata t1_j80coh9 wrote

Eww. You're still a six percenter, which is far from normal.


[deleted] t1_j80g82y wrote

It doesn't get rid of the pain exactly, it just makes it feel good, if that makes sense.


dumbest_smartass t1_j7y7u8b wrote

:( I miss the pain meds that work best for me. Mmj made life manageable. Especially parenthood as a single parent, it made my chronic pain almost nonexistent with the presence of my child. (Never consumed in the same vicinity or while child was awake or able to smell or see it, before the mombies and other undesirables try piping in.)


unlovedcarrot t1_j808rb7 wrote

As a budtender, I've seen folks in every state of injury coming for relief and to wean off of harsh prescriptions that are doing harm to their bodies. It makes a world of difference, and I hope it becomes fully available to those who need it one day.


ISmokeDatGreen t1_j7zfu1t wrote

As someone that’s currently on painkillers and smokes cannabis daily I can promise you that cannabis does not act as a painkiller in any way for me. there’s actually studies that show that it increases pain from chronic illnesses and when recovering from surgery. I believe that these conflicting studies are because of peoples different biological makeup, edibles don’t work on me at all so my personal experience may be different from other peoples.


Krewtan t1_j7zz672 wrote

I had my appendix burst, and aside from the first two days of sweet dilaudid injections I used Marijuana and cbd at home to help the pain. I never touched my narcotic take home script. It's definitely strain dependent, some just don't work for pain.


ISmokeDatGreen t1_j800n8r wrote

Like I said I believe it’s person to person more so than strains. No strain helps with my pain, to be honest neither to the painkillers I’m on. For the last 5 months since my accident the only time my leg didn’t hurt was when I was on cocaine.

That being said I’m glad you found something that helped you, being in pain constantly is awful.


BlondeMomentByMoment t1_j7zqjv9 wrote

I’m similar to you.

The effects of mmj make me feel horrible. There nothing enjoyable about the experience. Edibles give me a massive headache.

I’ve got severe ongoing pain which includes neuropathy.

Sympathetic nerve block in my spine has helped some. Perhaps you can look into something along that are of treatment?


ISmokeDatGreen t1_j800bg8 wrote

I refuse to do any kind of injections or nerve blockers I’d rather just deal with the pain. I’m glad you found something that helps you though.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_j801xyp wrote

If you're of the persuasion that hypnosis is real, hypnotic analgesia is also an option. It's been gaining some traction in dentistry over the last decade, but theoretically it also can work for chronic pain.


sfzombie13 t1_j840zu0 wrote

it's not so much that it kills the pain but more that it allows you to ignore the pain a lot easier. makes it bearable.


Im_Talking t1_j81w0c8 wrote

It is very clear, now that large-scale studies are being done on the use of cannabis since the 1st legalisations in 2016, that the prohibition of this herb is solely due to the industries that knew they would suffer with cannabis legalisation.

There was a previous study here which stated that for every $1 spent on cannabis, upto $0.80 is not spent on alcohol. And now this study, which shows that cannabis is being substituted for dozens of costly pharma medications as in "65 percent ceased their use of opioids, 60 percent stopped using antidepressants, and 58 percent ceased their use of anticonvulsants".

The alcohol and pharma industries are not stupid and would have done their own internal studies which would have showed exactly this; that cannabis will threaten their profit margins. And they would have doubled down on the fear-mongering and lobbying politicians to continue to demonise the herb.

But this in no way exonerates the public from blindly and ignorantly accepting the lies and corruption. How long ago did we find out that corporations act based on profits, and politicians act based on re-election? The morality of the society must come from us.


BitchyWitchy68 t1_j81d1ex wrote

Drug Companies don’t like cannabis because they don’t make enough money on it. They pay for the propaganda so they can get you to take experimental drugs that don’t work. I’ve tried all kinds of mood stabilizers.. nothing works better than a little bud at the end of the day.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_j800u6c wrote

Big Pharma already knew this, of course. It's why they lobbied and funded efforts to keep THC/CBD illegal for the past century or so.


Deep_Charge_7749 t1_j806le2 wrote

Couldn't they make their own medical cannabis? Capitalism says this is the play


TheCannaZombie t1_j80rihi wrote

They can when federally legal. But why enter in a new market when the one youre in is taking in truckloads of cash?


Deep_Charge_7749 t1_j80uxrw wrote

Because there are truckloads of cash in a nascent market


TheCannaZombie t1_j80x1un wrote

Yeah but it’s a huge obstacle to navigate. Federal laws, state laws, who will control it? Is it even an FDA or USDA? It’s a plant yeah? Lot to work through for what might lose them money.


Deep_Charge_7749 t1_j80xsk3 wrote

I think big pharma has the resources...and influence to do whatever they want


HoloceneHorrors t1_j812dzu wrote

Since the "opioid crisis" MMJ can be the only thing a lot of us chronic pain patients get... but it's not the same. It should be use as an addition, but not as a substitution, for legit pain managment. It can be very good for other symptom management tho!


YogBlogsoth1066 t1_j83d4m1 wrote

I was using it for some severe, unbridled PTSD after working hospice as a nurse and then four years as a suicide investigator. I’m now a felon because of a first time possession charge. Gotta love Kentucky.


HumanBarbarian t1_j7zr3fh wrote

Yes, yes, they do. I had my left wrist surgically repaired on Monday - broke the radius is several places, boke the ulna. Had o have a plate put in. Don't even need ibuprofen today.


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slickhedstrong t1_j818fy0 wrote

yes but hypermesis when the pot is too potent


Responsible-Run-1341 t1_j82f63h wrote

Yawl ever been so high all the bad feels good? I have. I agree with this study.

Never slept so well in my entire life; why did I quit smoking?


Wounded_Hand t1_j82schp wrote

“Mitigates the need for other prescription medication” is a weird and long way to say it’s effective at pain relief.


YogBlogsoth1066 t1_j87gbw4 wrote

Why is cannabis still illegal federally? People are suffering.


DNA2020 t1_j80ucpv wrote

This is largely a pro marijuana subreddit.