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TheLostHippos t1_j7zcv5a wrote

"All 187 contacted patients participated in the study. Since the start of CbM therapy, 44.9% of patients reported to be much or very much, 43.3% to be moderately and 8.0% to be slightly improved overall. A total of 2.7% reported no change and 1.1% a moderate deterioration of overall wellbeing. From the patients' point of view, the symptoms most frequently reported to have substantially improved were sleep problems (36.4%), muscle tension (25.1%) and appetite problems (22.1%). The most frequent bothersome side effects were sweating (6.4%), concentration problems (4.2%) and nausea (4.1%)."


Glad to know I'm not alone in the sweating after using cannabis products.


SoNonGrata t1_j80coh9 wrote

Eww. You're still a six percenter, which is far from normal.