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ISmokeDatGreen t1_j7zfu1t wrote

As someone that’s currently on painkillers and smokes cannabis daily I can promise you that cannabis does not act as a painkiller in any way for me. there’s actually studies that show that it increases pain from chronic illnesses and when recovering from surgery. I believe that these conflicting studies are because of peoples different biological makeup, edibles don’t work on me at all so my personal experience may be different from other peoples.


Krewtan t1_j7zz672 wrote

I had my appendix burst, and aside from the first two days of sweet dilaudid injections I used Marijuana and cbd at home to help the pain. I never touched my narcotic take home script. It's definitely strain dependent, some just don't work for pain.


ISmokeDatGreen t1_j800n8r wrote

Like I said I believe it’s person to person more so than strains. No strain helps with my pain, to be honest neither to the painkillers I’m on. For the last 5 months since my accident the only time my leg didn’t hurt was when I was on cocaine.

That being said I’m glad you found something that helped you, being in pain constantly is awful.


BlondeMomentByMoment t1_j7zqjv9 wrote

I’m similar to you.

The effects of mmj make me feel horrible. There nothing enjoyable about the experience. Edibles give me a massive headache.

I’ve got severe ongoing pain which includes neuropathy.

Sympathetic nerve block in my spine has helped some. Perhaps you can look into something along that are of treatment?


ISmokeDatGreen t1_j800bg8 wrote

I refuse to do any kind of injections or nerve blockers I’d rather just deal with the pain. I’m glad you found something that helps you though.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_j801xyp wrote

If you're of the persuasion that hypnosis is real, hypnotic analgesia is also an option. It's been gaining some traction in dentistry over the last decade, but theoretically it also can work for chronic pain.


sfzombie13 t1_j840zu0 wrote

it's not so much that it kills the pain but more that it allows you to ignore the pain a lot easier. makes it bearable.