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Im_Talking t1_j81w0c8 wrote

It is very clear, now that large-scale studies are being done on the use of cannabis since the 1st legalisations in 2016, that the prohibition of this herb is solely due to the industries that knew they would suffer with cannabis legalisation.

There was a previous study here which stated that for every $1 spent on cannabis, upto $0.80 is not spent on alcohol. And now this study, which shows that cannabis is being substituted for dozens of costly pharma medications as in "65 percent ceased their use of opioids, 60 percent stopped using antidepressants, and 58 percent ceased their use of anticonvulsants".

The alcohol and pharma industries are not stupid and would have done their own internal studies which would have showed exactly this; that cannabis will threaten their profit margins. And they would have doubled down on the fear-mongering and lobbying politicians to continue to demonise the herb.

But this in no way exonerates the public from blindly and ignorantly accepting the lies and corruption. How long ago did we find out that corporations act based on profits, and politicians act based on re-election? The morality of the society must come from us.