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ctorg t1_j80tfhf wrote

The nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex (the structures identified in this study) have been shown to be involved in reward and drug addiction for decades, but we still don't have treatments.


JKyyy_ t1_j8199uz wrote

I am writing my thesis on this exact topic currently and I wanted to say this exact thing. We roughly know that dopamine is released in these areas as a response to reward/reward predicting stimuli and that dopamine is also involved in a lot of regulatory activity. We know it affects cordination, motivation, emotion regulation etc etc. Knowing this and then thinking about what is the best way to fix a dopamine misfunction (If there is one?, May not be the case) are two seperate things ESPECIALLY, when this system responds to SOOO many different forms of stimuli. Currently I would say a holistic approach (Lifestyle changes, therapy, maybe a medicinal treatment aswell (ie. Methylphenidate (Ritalin) seem to be potential approaches to look at). Deciding what is the best and why and for who is really hard