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Alarmed-Wolf14 t1_j87esat wrote

The people that are more naturally equipped to fill the support roles like this never get the recognition they deserve because a lot of it is intangible (less stress on the other person) or isn’t noticed (like good technology, good support is almost never noticed when it works. When the house is clean and groceries are bought within the budget and making every purchase count and making the best possible use of money by hours of research)

I’m that person too and it took my husband living on his own to realize how much I take care of for him. He forgets time to time still so I will get busy doing something more tangibly productive and stop doing the other stuff but it never lasts long.


Drudicta t1_j87jujd wrote

Maybe she'll call after being alone for a long time. Or maybe not and she'll just piss all her money away instead of reaching any of her goals.

She's always been terrible with money and was way worse before we met.