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Squez360 t1_j86cukp wrote

This is why I go out and eat. I live alone and it’s lonely being stuck at home all day. I know food is more expensive but at least I interact with people


FullKawaiiBatard t1_j86evqd wrote

Try benches and bus stops. Many people out there just waiting for you to engage conversation.


deviltamer t1_j86kulu wrote


I literally just had a beautiful conversation with another person trying to find the right tram stop.


UnApprovedActivities t1_j86zwp1 wrote

Honestly I'd suggest you look into volunteering with assisted living facilities. My uncle was in one for years due to his health concerns and the number of lovely people abandoned there is heartbreaking.

You can definitely find some sharp minds and lonely hearts who will live for your visits.


BlondeMomentByMoment t1_j87b0a4 wrote

Thank you for this. I spend about 90% of my time alone. I’d love to be able to cheer somebody up. Elderly people can be so witty and charming. I even like the grumpy ones :)


BlondeMomentByMoment t1_j87b52x wrote

I understand this so much. If you ever want to talk a kit something not involving politics or religion, DM me. I can show you pics of my puppy or something :)


TootsNYC t1_j86vc7f wrote

I was told of a study done to find what color of paint improved morale and productivity. So they’d come in and repaint the same office frequently. They discovered it wasn’t the paint color. It was the act of painting and spiffing up the office.


PM-MeYourSmallTits t1_j86yq2f wrote

I think what they'd do with that information is paint the walls White, and then installing LEDs along the walls to give them the appearance of new colors.


TootsNYC t1_j873j87 wrote

No, it wasn’t the color. The color didn’t matter at all.

It was the presence of the people going to a lot of work to paint the office. Each time they came, it was a shot in the arm.

The changing lights aren’t going to do that.


tornpentacle t1_j875zps wrote

They did have a control group, you is usually best to read the content before criticizing the researchers' basic competency. In fact, assuming their competence is among the subreddit's rules.


PM-MeYourSmallTits t1_j86z0si wrote

Well humans are social creatures and despite being more connected than ever, it almost feels like never enough people reach out to those that might be interested in group activities.

I wonder if there's any studies on group dynamics, happiness among friends, and how they feel with "Stranger Engagement"