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chris_rael t1_j87pvrl wrote

ChatGPT ELIF: This study looked at how a drug called metformin affects muscle tissue. They looked at how the drug affects cells that help form muscle tissue, and they also looked at the role of a protein called AMPK in how the drug works. The researchers tested different amounts of the drug on these muscle cells and checked to see if it was having an effect on their growth and development. They also checked to see if the drug was toxic to the cells. They found that the drug was preventing the cells from developing into muscle tissue and that this was because of the AMPK protein. In other words, the drug was blocking the muscle cells from developing properly, and the AMPK protein was involved in this process.


crazyhadron t1_j880k7t wrote

I see, so while metformin will prevent your muscles from degrading, it might also make it harder for you to built up muscle.

Guess you either bulk up before starting metformin, or take it with an anabolic like testosterone.

Either way, the benefits of metformin completely outweigh the cons.


randompersonx t1_j8899t2 wrote

When you say benefits, do you mean the on-label diabetes treatment, or off label as a diet aid or longevity drug?

I looked into it as a non-diabetic, and the risk of liver damage seemed too high for me to consider it. Sure it makes sense for people who need it, but I’m unconvinced it is always going to enhance longevity… and it certainly isn’t strictly necessary to lose fat.


crazyhadron t1_j88e6ey wrote

>metformin has also been shown to have beneficial effects on multiple otherdisorders such as cancer, anxiety, polycystic ovary syndrome,cardiovascular and Alzheimer diseases

According to the linked paper in this post.

I've never heard about metformin affecting the liver, only the kidneys through lactic acidosis. I don't have diabetes, and have been on metformin for 4+ years now. Had a full medical checkup 5 months ago, with an exhaustive blood test. Everything was more than optimal, no liver issues either.


randompersonx t1_j88fauu wrote

Keep track of AST/ALT over time. Part of how Metformin works is it blocks gluconeogenesis which is basically the process of the liver producing glucose. Most likely if you are relatively low body fat % and have hopefully zero (or very low) visceral body fat, this may not matter so much…

But I’d imagine the higher risk comes into play if you have a NAFLD already.

And yes, you are right about kidney issues, too. My dad was on Metformin for a few years and was eventually diagnosed with some mild kidney issues that were believed to be caused by it, and his medications were changed. That said, my dad is overweight and inactive and diabetic… so his case will be very different if you are living a healthy lifestyle.


DeSquare t1_j8b5y9v wrote

I feel like if using for non diabetic, you can cycle it for longer off terms...seems the older you get the better... probably wouldn't take it unless your diabetes or over 45ish years


basmwklz OP t1_j87oao6 wrote

Abstract: >This study aims to investigate how metformin (Met) affects muscle tissue by evaluating the drug effects on proliferating, differentiating, and differentiated C2C12 cells. Moreover, we also investigated the role of 5’-adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in the mechanism of action of Met. C2C12 myoblasts were cultured in growth medium with or without Met (250μM, 1mM and 10mM) for different times. Cell proliferation was evaluated by MTT assay, while cell toxicity was assessed by Trypan Blue exclusion test and Lactate Dehydrogenase release. Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting analysis was performed to study cell cycle. Differentiating myoblasts were incubated in differentiation medium (DM) with or without 10mM Met. For experiments on myotubes, C2C12 were induced to differentiate in DM, and then treated with Met at scalar concentrations and for different times. Western blotting was performed to evaluate the expression of proteins involved in myoblast differentiation, muscle function and metabolism. In differentiating C2C12, Met inhibited cell differentiation, arrested cell cycle progression in G2/M phase and reduced the expression of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1. These effects were accompanied by activation of AMPK and modulation of the myogenic regulatory factors. Comparable results were obtained in myotubes. The use of Compound C, a specific inhibitor of AMPK, counteracted the above-mentioned Met effects. We reported that Met inhibits C2C12 differentiation probably by blocking cell-cycle progression and preventing cells permanent exit from cell-cycle. Moreover, our study provides solid evidence that most of the effects of Met on myoblasts and myotubes are mediated by AMPK.


8496469 t1_j87pfy3 wrote

C2C12 is an immortalized mouse myoblast cell line. The C2C12 cell line is a subclone of myoblasts that were originally obtained by Yaffe and Saxel at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel in 1977.[1] Developed for in vitro studies of myoblasts isolated from the complex interactions of in vivo conditions, C2C12 cells are useful in biomedical research.[2] These cells are capable of rapid proliferation under high serum conditions and differentiation into myotubes under low serum conditions. Mononucleated myoblasts can later fuse to form multinucleated myotubes under low serum conditions or starvation, leading to the precursors of contractile skeletal muscle cells in the process of myogenesis.[3] C2C12 cells are used to study the differentiation of myoblasts, osteoblasts, and myogenesis, to express various target proteins, and to explore mechanistic biochemical pathways.


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Darkhorseman81 t1_j87wooz wrote

Withanolides are a good natural mimetic of metformin and rapamycin, according to multiple machine learning investigation passes published in various studies.

Some people claim it makes them moody, though.


4thefeel t1_j886vdt wrote

Can be great, gave my mom liver cirrhosis but is highly effective diabetes med


cgarcia123 t1_j8a1ysx wrote

I (m50) take half a gram extended release metformin daily, for longevity, for one year now. I always wonder if it will affect my muscles... it did make me B12 deficient, I was getting peripheral neuropathy (pins and needles in hands and feet) after one year, but taking a B12 supplement fixed that. I don't see any problems with my muscles, probably because I started lifting weights around the same time.


geockabez t1_j880584 wrote

It keeps you from pooping, period. Thus, requiring more drugs if you continue using it.


manga311 t1_j89nbqz wrote

It should to the opposite. 75% of people get diarrhea as a side effect.