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NeedlessPedantics t1_j8a15ep wrote

I think you’re trying to use “third world” in a colloquial sense to mean something similar to impoverished.

But the US is certainly part of the first world, but not because of reasons you may think. Rather, it’s in part because the US was an allied democratic nation following the Second World War.

People misuse these terms frequently though, so I get it.


moyismoy t1_j8a1xuv wrote

the funny thing is Austria, Switzerland, and other nations doing far betting then the USA on everything we can test for are still 3rd world.


NeedlessPedantics t1_j8a2gpo wrote

That’s right.

Which is why I tried giving the guy some additional information so he doesn’t make himself look foolish to anyone that knows what those terms actually mean in the future.

So of course he downvotes, says something shitty, then deletes his comment.

Because providing a better understanding of something with additional information is just a dick move on my part. /s


HeIIjumper t1_j8aj2tt wrote

Maybe intelligence metrics are off?

Or maybe intelligence isn't the most important metric?


moyismoy t1_j8aqyz9 wrote

lol, the metric is if you were allied to the USA(1st world) or the USSR(2nd world) or other(3rd world) back in the 60s.


HeIIjumper t1_j8b635z wrote

Why do you use it, then?


moyismoy t1_j8be8w2 wrote

I dont use it. I use gapminder.


HeIIjumper t1_j8bed4e wrote

Do you not understand what I'm saying?

If you're so intelligent, why are you "third world"?


Billbat1 t1_j8b6s7f wrote

is it ok to consider usa as a developing country considering its shocking healthcare system?


Penis_Envy_Peter t1_j8d4cmo wrote

To have the capacity to do right and opting to not from greed is worse than failing to do so as a result of inability. The US is hyper developed and morally bankrupt.


Billbat1 t1_j8d4x2k wrote

theres plenty of corruption in uk and canada. i wouldnt say americans are more susceptible to corruption. when america was forming there was a strong sense of the american dream. of working hard to make sure you had a good life. its a useful idea to motivate people back then. but that idea has stuck around and now theres still a lot of people who think its up to the individual to work hard to buy healthcare.