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Wagamaga OP t1_j89ahnd wrote

Chinese researchers have reported what they claim is the world’s youngest person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, which may overturn the conventional perception that cognitive impairment rarely occurs in young people. A 19-year-old male was diagnosed with probable Alzheimer’s disease after his memory declined gradually over two years, according to researchers from Capital Medical University’s Xuanwu Hospital in Beijing. The authors said the patient had characteristics typical of Alzheimer’s disease, including memory loss and hippocampal atrophy, a shrinkage that is an early marker of the disease.


Donkarnov t1_j89dtl9 wrote

"Rarely occurs", only one case of a 19 ys old with alzheimer in recorded history.

Still looks like something that RARELY occurs.


Fleinsuppe t1_j89hj3o wrote

rare in young, in dementia scale that's 20-40's


sockalicious t1_j8c9qdb wrote

They didn't even do amyloid PET. There are a long list of disorders that cause neurodegeneration in young adults and don't involve AD pathology.


zuckerberghandjob t1_j8bik9r wrote

Um sciencebros can we trust an autocratic regime to decide when someone has lost their memory?


slickhedstrong t1_j8bm9xe wrote

"wow a lot of young chinese people are losing their memories to the point that it would be suspicious if we still considered it a rare happening"