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Timmy24000 t1_j8a5pic wrote

People with trisomy 21 (Downs) almost always get Alzheimer’s disease early. Usually in their 40-50’s


BlueEyedDinosaur t1_j8bufgl wrote

I read about this on Reddit a while ago and I think it’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.


MommysHadEnough t1_j8dadh5 wrote

There’s Alzheimer’s all over my mom’s family, and she has one copy of the gene for early onset, though she’s 77 and doesn’t have it. My daughter has Ds, and I have a mild form of dementia from MEcfs/Post Viral Syndrome, similar to (if not the same) what happens in Long COVID. I haven’t been tested yet for Alzheimer’s, but I’m sadly aware that my daughter will very likely begin to develop it around 30. The genes for Alzheimer’s are located on that chromosome that is duplicated in Ds.


2manyfelines t1_j8dsqn5 wrote

My daughter is an ICU nurse in a long term care facility. She has a long of patients with Downs Syndrome AND long COVID.

One of them had noticeable dementia at 31. So sad.


hellomondays t1_j8e9tb3 wrote

It's worth mentioning that Auguste D. the woman from the case study that would lead to the "discovery" of Alzhiemer's was only 50 when she first became ill. Even from the start of scientific inquiry into this disease, there's a lot more going on than just old age.