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Theletterkay t1_j8gn9cx wrote

But without being able to diagnose it, you may live wondering what you did to cause it, or put the child through many painful or traumatizing treatments, thinking you are helping, but really you are just wasting their time with added suffering. With diagnosing you know what it is, and you know there arent any cures. So you can focus on comfort for them and helping them enjoy any amount of life possible.

And, yes, I absolutely do know the disease well. My sister in law is a home care taker of the only known family to have 2 children with the disease. One is 15yo now, the other is 11yo. And while its true they cant do or communicate much, they smile and enjoy her company. They snuggle with her for movies, which they have favorites they enjoy. They have favorite foods, which they get spoiled with often. If they get excited about something, their parents and caretakers go out of their way to make sure they make those girls happy and fufilled. Diagnosing keeps those girls out in the world rather than cooped up in a hospital hoping to find a cure that doesnt exist. That's definitely worth something.