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JurassicCotyledon t1_j8ecai4 wrote

From what I’ve read, not effectively. That’s why I’m wondering if anyone has specific data on that, and isolated to identify the transmission rate reduction incurred purely by the vaccine, versus from previous infection.

Pfizer didn’t even test for transmission blocking during their trial prior to the mass vaccine rollout.


nexusgmail t1_j8gsia8 wrote


JurassicCotyledon t1_j8guqwj wrote

Does being asymptomatic mean you cannot transmit the virus to others?

And they will continue to mutate and evade the narrow and short lasting immunity offered by these vaccines.


troyan2 t1_j8ei1ku wrote

Pfizer and Albert Bourla are criminals that need to be put to jail for life


neuronexmachina t1_j8elwcz wrote

How would you ethically test for the effectiveness of a vaccine in blocking transmission?


JurassicCotyledon t1_j8epczm wrote

Animal models.

Double blind placebo controlled trial involving people in roles involving frequent contact.

Similar model for phase 3 but using larger groups in broader community.

The important thing is to have put forth an effort to do so, and to collect this data in the long term without muddying the water by unblinding the control groups. This has not been the case here from what I’ve seen. It’s not going to be perfect, obviously in times of emergency especially, but that doesn’t change the facts at hand.

But on the subject of ethics, would it be ethical to tell people to get vaccinated with a brand new technology, and claim “you’re doing your part” by reducing transmission, if you have no data to support that claim to begin with?