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GamingCupcake t1_j8gwqij wrote

Per the linked article, high coffee consumption = “three or more cups of coffee each day”


n4ppyn4ppy t1_j8h3swu wrote

You forgot the "The new study finds that the presence of a particular gene variant can result in coffee being three times more likely to cause kidney dysfunction." part


chase_the_sun_ t1_j8i489j wrote

23&me checks this and I have rs4410790 varient. So I'm gonna keep drinking that brown gold liquid


Rasputin0P t1_j8iwbqc wrote

Where do you find it


mrcake123 t1_j8jg21e wrote

Search for Coffee Consumption report inside of 23


keylimedragon t1_j8jldk5 wrote

What does it mean if I have no variants detected? The report says I'm likely to consume less caffeine, which makes me think I would be a slow metabolizer but is that not the case?


mrcake123 t1_j8jln5a wrote

Yeah just saw that report doesn't actually test for the variant in the article. So yeah no clue :)


Status_Term_4491 t1_j8jwjwt wrote

Now your dna is in a government database... Congrats


HippieInDisguise2_0 t1_j8ka9kh wrote

Why should I be concerned about this and if I'm interested in my specific mutations what alternative do I have?


Shootemout t1_j8nesqo wrote

the only thing i would be concerned with is how insurance companies could interact with individuals that have a hereditary disease (a.k.a denial of coverage due to a 'pre-existing conditon'). It's illegal for them to deny you *now* but in 5, 10 or even 15 years it could change.


Fy_Faen t1_j8ktn32 wrote

You should be concerned about the uses you haven't imagined, rather than the ones you already have. DNA is what makes you, YOU, and once that information is outside your control, there's nothing you can do to change it.


runslow0148 t1_j8kukhf wrote

Yeah, but it’s not a full sequence, just markers. So what are they going to do? Longitudinal studies to figure out the impacts of certain gene mutations… oh no..


rather_be_redditing t1_j8lcu8c wrote

Yes, then change your insurance rates to match.


Fy_Faen t1_j8m6fmz wrote

Or have a company not hire you, because you have a marker for an 'expensive' illness, and they want to keep their benefit costs down, so they only hire people with favourable genes.


Soulphite t1_j8gz4no wrote

Coffee "cup" standard is 6 Oz. A standard coffee mug is 12 ounces. Most people have 1-2 mugs of coffee a day equivalent to 4 "cups" of coffee in a day. Caffeine is a hell of a drug.


MadcapHaskap t1_j8hrt1s wrote

Yeah; when I was at six pints of coffee a day, I'd get debillitating headaches if I went more than one day without it.


floog t1_j8k7nri wrote

Welp, my numbers just shot up.


SkunkMonkey t1_j8hrj8i wrote

Whew! I only have two cups. My cup holds half a pot ;)


lygaret t1_j8ie12d wrote

"Would you like your extra large pizza cut into 8 or 12 pieces?" "Oh, 8 please. I couldn't eat 12!"


mechapoitier t1_j8iinze wrote

And it looks like it might be caffeine in general. I know a guy who basically lived off of monster energy drinks and was regularly getting kidney stones by his late 20s.


halofreak7777 t1_j8iqwnm wrote

They never defined what kind of cup they are talking about. 8oz per cup? Or the same kind of "cup" as listed on my French press. Because my French press says it makes 8 "cups", but its only 32oz or 4 actual cups and I only drink 4 "cups", which is 2 actual 8oz servings.


keylimedragon t1_j8jjw45 wrote

Edit: The report says they're treating a cup as 100mg of caffeine from Italian espresso.

It's hard to find an authoritative source, but from googling it seems like a "standard cup" is indeed 8oz of coffee and it contains about 95mg of caffeine.

The FDA also says 8oz but 80-100mg caffeine.


Misabi t1_j8jwia7 wrote

>The report says they're treating a cup as 100mg of caffeine from Italian espresso.

Traditionally that would also be made with coffee containing more robusta beans in Italy, which has higher caffeine than the Arabica coffee generally used in the US. A double shot of espresso made from arabica in most coffee shops would likely contain 60mg to 80mg of caffeine.

"Espresso typically has 63 mg of caffeine in 1 ounce (the amount in one shot), according to Department of Agriculture nutrition data. Regular coffee, by contrast, has 12 to 16 mg of caffeine in every ounce, on average. That means that ounce for ounce, espresso has more caffeine.6/01/2023"



keylimedragon t1_j8k2bfl wrote

The study doesn't say, but I'm wondering if since it's an observational study, they estimated total mg of caffeine per day and divided by 100 to get cups. But it's weird that they specify Italian espresso specifically and you're right that an espresso shot has about 60-65mg so it would be about 1.5 shots per cup.


Jets237 t1_j8jw6mk wrote

what if I only have 2 but each of my "cups" are 20-24ozs?

i'm safe right?




UnluckyNate t1_j8keuks wrote

I work in healthcare and a patient let me know a life-hack for alcohol use that should also work for coffee. He said, if you never let your glass get empty, it only counts as one drink


verdantx t1_j8k4h0r wrote

It’s actually totally fine and probably better than two standard cups. As long as you brew them with the same amount of coffee.


Timmerdogg t1_j8k47kx wrote

Those are 40 oz cups right? Tell me they're 40oz cups


Antumbra_Ferox t1_j8h4jjx wrote

I read the article so you lot wouldn't have to. It's about a gene that makes some people metabolise caffeine three times slower than others which can cause problems at high levels of caffeine consumption. Not about coffee being harmful to kidneys in and of itself.

Personal hypothesis: I imagine 3 cups a day with an ~18 hour half-life would mean their bodies never get a break.


Reddit_Hitchhiker t1_j8he5i3 wrote

And if you have not had low kidney scores after a physical you’re missing that bad gene.


SandyDelights t1_j8isigy wrote

Damnit, here I was safe rolling on my 600+ mg of caffeine a day.

Well, I feel like I’d prolly have kidney problems by this point if I had that gene. Prolly fine. I think. Maybe. I hope.


continentalgrip t1_j8iour8 wrote

On a rare occasion I have half a cup in the morning. Consistently sleep bad then. Sleep fine otherwise. I have wondered if this is what my issue is. Such a pity.


Miss_Awesomeness t1_j8ifii5 wrote

Also said hormonal birth control can slow down absorption and cruciferous vegetables can speed it up. Explains why coffee never works for me.


AshenAmarantos t1_j8hh6nc wrote

Annoyingly, this article does not say what alleles of rs762551 increase the metabolization of caffeine, so I had to look it up. C/A and C/C are the slower variants; there's apparently little difference between C/A and C/C metabolization according to SNPedia. A/A is ultrarapid metabolization. The article implies only A/A is good to go.

Useful if you had a DNA test and want to look up what you are--which I have and did immediately after reading this. Thankfully, I was A/A.



user_173 t1_j8h66xh wrote

To live is to die. Nope, you won't take it from me, it's mine, my precious.


feral_philosopher t1_j8h223w wrote

So I should go back to drinking beer I guess?


aldhibain t1_j8hivjo wrote

Personally I'm very fond of good ol' water.


streetvoyager t1_j8hfd51 wrote

F . Really hope I’m not some people.


despitegirls t1_j8h171t wrote

For those who like me read "cups" and thought that was an insufficient unit of measure given different brewing methods:

>The caffeine content per cup was defined as 100 mg of Italian espresso coffee, which was the most abundantly consumed type of coffee by the HARVEST participants. Decaffeinated coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks were not taken into account in the present study because they were rarely consumed in these areas of Italy.


[deleted] t1_j8h908s wrote



diamluke t1_j8hac4x wrote

I think they’re confusing caffeine content with coffee


despitegirls t1_j8hamyf wrote

The wording in that sentence is weird, but I think they're referring to 100mg of caffeine in an espresso. 100mg isn't even enough coffee for an espresso.


Runecian t1_j8hfepk wrote

I am resigned to my caffeinated oblivion, thank you very much.


ImageComfortable2843 t1_j8harq0 wrote

I quit drinking all caffeine during the pandemic due to working at home and not really having to get ready every day. once I went back to getting up at 5 AM and driving to the office I realized I just didn’t need it anymore. I feel like a totally different person now. I got a Starbucks in the airport and felt like my head was going to explode and i used to drink 2-4 16oz cups a day for like 14 years.


Exotic-Combination10 t1_j8ifupm wrote

Well, at least now I know exactly how I'm going to die sips on probably 6th cup today


cardcommander7147 t1_j8icu20 wrote

Coffee or caffeine? I drink mostly decaf


dumnezero t1_j8jp4oi wrote

Caffeine is the problem they highlight, so decaf should be fine.


MadcapHaskap t1_j8hr8ov wrote

How many gallons a day is high?


pacwess t1_j8izuu4 wrote

Caffeine. So I assume any caffeinated beverage could be included?


helloitsme1011 t1_j8guxtv wrote

Damn I guess save your liver at the cost of your kidneys :/


OnlyFunz t1_j8gzycz wrote

Why do that when you can have Irish coffee? Or some some of khalua drink


meontheinternetxx t1_j8i1sqi wrote

Does coffee help your liver? Just curious. Is it the caffeine or something else?


dcheesi t1_j8i73gq wrote

Studies generally say yes, though the particulars may vary from study to study. Certainly regular drip coffee helps, and some studies indicate that other types of coffee may also be beneficial.

The caffeine itself seems to be part of it, although other sources such as tea have confounding factors (e.g. tannins) that may limit their benefit. Coffee seems to have the clearest evidence of a consistent benefit.

Decaf coffee, if you're wondering, has less evidence in favor of it. The conventional wisdom from previous studies suggested that it should be less effective; however, at least one recent study reported a similar benefit to regular coffee.


Sculptasquad t1_j8gzpgt wrote

Provide a source to defend your narrative.

Edit - Guess I should have known that asking someone in r/science to cite their sources was a big no no.


Readylamefire t1_j8iynkr wrote

Nah man, comment just came across as socially aggressive so people aren't interested in interacting.


Sculptasquad t1_j8ljzkk wrote

Dude implied that coffee is good for your liver. I asked for a source and I am aggressive?


HammerTim81 t1_j8jbnwv wrote

So Italy has higher prevalence of kidney disfunction?


Jairlyn t1_j8jptqr wrote

You can have my coffee when you pry it from my cold dead kidney !


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Chardonneh t1_j8iukj2 wrote

In"some" people. My dad is 91 years old and only drinks coffee, but has admitted to downing pills with water. I've only seen him have the occasional beer on a hot day, and his go to social drink was gin with Wink (I wonder if they even sell Wink anymore).


WhiteChocolatey t1_j8jhobw wrote

Kidneys are overrated anyways. I was an alcoholic before switching entirely to caffeine addiction. I’m just gonna roll the dice on this one


InVerum t1_j8jwc0z wrote

I have two double espressos a day... So definitely fall over this line.

Oh well!


aristorat t1_j8k906z wrote

That's why I stick to monsters


thecwestions t1_j8ko5f8 wrote

I refuse to read this study. I only accept good news that supports my addictive tendencies. (Nervously sips red wine)


Iwillnotbeokay t1_j8kugx1 wrote

Dammit, can’t I just have one thing I like that isn’t gonna somehow kill/bankrupt/disfigure me??


SpecialistNo7265 t1_j8jn3o6 wrote

Conventionally grown coffee or pesticide-free coffee ? Or either could be just as harmful if you happen to have the wrong gene?


lovejanetjade t1_j8kataq wrote

Coffee (esp brewed) is bad for the gut too.