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helloitsme1011 t1_j8guxtv wrote

Damn I guess save your liver at the cost of your kidneys :/


OnlyFunz t1_j8gzycz wrote

Why do that when you can have Irish coffee? Or some some of khalua drink


meontheinternetxx t1_j8i1sqi wrote

Does coffee help your liver? Just curious. Is it the caffeine or something else?


dcheesi t1_j8i73gq wrote

Studies generally say yes, though the particulars may vary from study to study. Certainly regular drip coffee helps, and some studies indicate that other types of coffee may also be beneficial.

The caffeine itself seems to be part of it, although other sources such as tea have confounding factors (e.g. tannins) that may limit their benefit. Coffee seems to have the clearest evidence of a consistent benefit.

Decaf coffee, if you're wondering, has less evidence in favor of it. The conventional wisdom from previous studies suggested that it should be less effective; however, at least one recent study reported a similar benefit to regular coffee.


Sculptasquad t1_j8gzpgt wrote

Provide a source to defend your narrative.

Edit - Guess I should have known that asking someone in r/science to cite their sources was a big no no.


Readylamefire t1_j8iynkr wrote

Nah man, comment just came across as socially aggressive so people aren't interested in interacting.


Sculptasquad t1_j8ljzkk wrote

Dude implied that coffee is good for your liver. I asked for a source and I am aggressive?