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FlyChi2020 t1_j8ipxsj wrote

Saved my ass. I was vaxxed but still hit hard. Within 24 hours I was on the mend


kwyjibo1 t1_j8je91i wrote

Was running 102 fever and extreme body aches when I had covid. Took paxlovid at breakfast, and by bedtime my fever had broken, and the body aches had almost resolved. After 24 hours, I was feeling pretty good.


stunna006 t1_j8l8dxc wrote

Wasn't the experience with omicron generally that it lasted a much shorter time. I had it on new years day and it was brutal for a little under 24 hours then the next day was a lot better.

I only took flu medication due to not being near my doctor. Just wanted to sleep it off


AlanzAlda t1_j8l3qnm wrote

I was sick for about a week before getting it because I was having shortness of breath, got me feeling ok after a couple days, then I felt almost better by the time the course was over. After I finished it I got sick again, less severely for a couple weeks after.

I think it saved me, but covid sucks big time.


dereck213 t1_j8kz6jy wrote

So when you tested positive again did you get sick again during the rebound period? I have had mild symptoms so far after testing positive and my doctor said it’s probably not worth it if it’s mild because of the rebound symptoms


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ImperatorRomanum83 t1_j8kbq5q wrote

It was incredible for me in how quickly it worked. I felt like death with a 103 temp, and by the very first night after taking the first dose, fever broke and I felt better.

Unfortunately for me i developed a rebound case, and popped positive a week after finishing the last dose.


KetosisMD t1_j8yri7b wrote

> unvaccinated only

Key feature