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reillan t1_j8iyj2d wrote

Definitely makes sense to my experience. I used to play FPS games in pro tournaments and one of my guildmates and I were a two-man strike team, and we could know instinctively where each other were on the map and what we were doing.


Limp_Distribution t1_j8opvnp wrote

I had a similar experience with a gaming buddy. We both didn’t realize it until will took a video of us playing. It was uncanny how we moved together even when we couldn’t see each other.


[deleted] t1_j8i9r80 wrote

Two heads are now scientifically better than one.


Skullmaggot t1_j8lwnlq wrote

All this proves is that they share one brain cell.


HoboBaggins008 t1_j8so6i5 wrote

I feel like you're both correct, which means my one cell is bouncing around a bit, isn't it?


Your_Trash_Daddy t1_j8iiymo wrote

I read "joint play" and immediately wondered what kind of BDSM that is.


GreenStrong t1_j8k04b0 wrote

I was wondering if it would work if they played with a bong instead.


KpcAu t1_j8jf3w7 wrote

Would love to see if/how this differs for autistic ppl


Ill-Nerve-3154 t1_j8ko2p3 wrote

Years ago, I was shown an exercise in synchronicity by an ex. It was demonstrated to her as part of college curriculum and involved moving of hands/arms near someone else's hands without ever touching. One was meant to instinctively know when the movements were going to change. I failed at this every single time, and she claimed I was actively trying to make it not work, as she had just seen it work for everyone in her class. It was at this point that I realized there must be something off about my neurochemistry.


sabo-metrics t1_j8j91uf wrote

Like a school of orcas. We can do it too, for the good.

in-person communication can lead to the best ideas and productive behavior rising to the top and less productive ideas and/or behavior being systemically left behind


Im_Talking t1_j8k5ily wrote

"Overall, this study provides evidence hinting at the remarkable capability of the human brain to understand and synchronize with others’ when the situation calls for it"

Or that both brains synchronise better with the fundamental universal dimension: consciousness


kcjnz t1_j8jotjo wrote

Pacific Rim drift confirmed!!


Ryansahl t1_j8ks567 wrote

I’ve got a really big forehead and can sometimes sense when someone I haven’t talk to in a while is about to text/call me. I bet we have the hardware, we’re just not ready for the update in the software.


MortisLegati t1_j8l5vfv wrote

When it comes to cognition we need to be really careful because our own experiences are subjective and it's entirely possible that ones memories can reflect things out of order.


Ryansahl t1_j8l7uuw wrote

I’m telling ya. One day we’re gonna communicate in brain waves.


SentorialH1 t1_j8l04ic wrote

Soo two people play the same game... together at the same time... and they use the same parts of the brain? SHOCKING!


updatedprior t1_j8mec60 wrote

I would imagine that in a group exercise class, not only would the same parts of the brain be activated, but even the same muscles would activate at the same time!


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EmpathyZero t1_j8kwyuh wrote

My brother and I are not allowed to play family games as a team because if this.


NDGOROGR t1_j8sobaw wrote

I believe in a model similar to panpsychism. This makes sense to me as any system you entangle yourself within will have an effect on your will. If you are using a tool your brain will similarly behave differently due to the difference in machine that you then are. The complexity within our brains are like an engine of entropy and from its chaos arises a denser form of consciousness then that of smaller systems of energy exchange. People really like to assume their subconscious is just a different part of themselves, but instead it is all things that have a play in the decisions we make from our individual cells to gravitational pulls to zeta distributions in relative frequency of occurrence regarding anything that has ever happened.