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Kalapuya t1_j8ki2iq wrote

Sea level rise is not linear and is not rising uniformly or at all in some places. Many places are experiencing zero or even negative sea level change. This variance can occur even on a kilometer-by-kilometer basis. It is primarily driven by changes in ocean currents, wind, sea surface temperatures, and tectonic and other hydrological dynamics.

On the Oregon Coast for example, some low-lying areas will likely experience 12-18”+ of SLR by 2050. Other areas (primarily in the south), are undergoing rapid tectonic uplift that will outpace sea level rise until at least the mid 2030s, and may experience few impacts because of the high continental freeboard.

These systems are highly dynamic and variable, but it is clear that overall global sea level is rising on average at a MUCH higher rate compared to the historical record and will lead to costly impacts for many communities.