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TheTrueSleuth t1_j8lesfw wrote

No, not sugar in fresh fruit , processed fruit, vegetables, cereal grains, nuts and seeds.


Kalibos40 t1_j8mqm5j wrote

>The sugars naturally present in milk and dairy products, fresh and most types of processed fruit and vegetables and in cereal grains, nuts and seeds are excluded from the definition.


snoman18x t1_j8lh01p wrote

Ok. I misread that. Thanks


-nn23- t1_j8lsed4 wrote

yeah, didint get it, too. strange wording there


bobby_risigliano t1_j8n8tgj wrote

So if I juice fresh fruit is that the same as fruit juice?


jagoble t1_j8nccu7 wrote

Sounds like it. I think the difference is when the fruit is whole, it's bound up in fiber, takes more time to digest, and thus doesn't spike blood sugar as much.


katarh t1_j8nif4o wrote

It's that. Sugar in whole fruit that still has its fiber isn't as bad.

Eat an orange, don't drink orange juice.

Eat grapes, don't drink grape juice.

Eat apples, don't drink apple juice.


he_and_She23 t1_j8oxwtq wrote

Glycemic index of an orange is 40. Glycemic index of orange juice is 66-70. Orange juice will spike your sugar.


ElevenSleven t1_j8pxg1m wrote

I think it also depends on the method of juicing. If you include the pulp (by juicing the whole fruit) you still get the Fibre from the fruit. If you just squeeze the juice out its just sugar water.


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helm t1_j8mgwso wrote

> all sugars naturally present in fruit and vegetable juices

It's considered free sugar from the first sentence. It is confusing since orange juice is a juice and also "processed fruit". But in a juice, the sugars are separated from the fibers.


Ixneigh t1_j8mtzb0 wrote

It’s free sugar since it lacks the fiber needed to slow the sugar absorption and avoid a big blood sugar rise.


DeadNotSleeping86 t1_j8ncd1g wrote

Interesting. I wonder how consuming something like OJ with a food that's high in fiber would change this, if at all?


Ixneigh t1_j8ngs9q wrote

Doubtful. People don’t chew the food that well for that to be a factor. Plus you can drink 10 oranges of straight juice. You’d never eat that many.