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themengsk1761 t1_j8ll78k wrote

Basically hyperglycemia is really harmful for your health, and a sedentary body less able to maintain tight blood sugar control over time causes significant increases to your risk for cardiovascular disease.


chrisp909 t1_j8ng62l wrote

So, couch potatoes that eat a lot of sweets tend to have more heart attacks. Got it, good to know.


mimi7600 t1_j8npofg wrote

Not all sedentary people are couch potatoes. The elderly can't move as well as those younger than them and medical issues can worsen it.


LitLitten t1_j8o0w4x wrote

Depression can also promote a sedentary lifestyle. Adding, a healthy diet can also require more effort and work, which might difficult to maintain for both groups.


sparklezpotatoes t1_j8o0lhs wrote

or if you have a job thats mostly spent driving, or an office job, or or etc


diagnosedwolf t1_j8pfrkm wrote

I mean, a couch potato is a derogatory term for a person who takes little exercise and spends a great deal of time watching TV. I’m disabled and largely housebound. I’d be offended if someone chose to insult me by calling me a couch potato as if I chose this life, but I can’t deny that the definition fits.


Arterial238 t1_j8pofox wrote

I think it's meant to be a "derogatory term" towards those who have the ability to do otherwise, and don't. You're kind of inserting yourself into a situation that doesn't exist/you aren't in.

I mean what was even the point of you saying this?


aaracer666 t1_j8qlvs7 wrote

I think they feel bad about a situation they don't have control over, and sedentary being equated to couch potato made them want point out that not everyone is choosing the lifestyle that they themselves are forced to live, because many make assumptions, and they wanted to make sure people know that not all people are in the situation by choice. Because people do make assumptions.

This is an understandable response when you feel like you may be judged unfairly based on others' choices, and you have none.

What was your point in phrasing it in a way to make them feel worse?


eviljason t1_j8rbkog wrote

Yep. I’ve always been active. Hell, I have my BS in Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics. However, I’m 54 and have developed a rare form of Rheumatoid Arthritis that keeps me from moving much these days. We have not yet found meds I can take to get me back moving somewhat normally. To the outside person, I probably appear to be a couch potato. I think even to some of the inside people I may appear that way. My wife rides my ass constantly about needing to get up and move but she isn’t the one dealing with the pain and the energy drain that comes from tolerating the pain for 8-12 hours a day while working.


aaracer666 t1_j8vg03p wrote

I'm sorry you're dealing with that. I have fibromyalgia and ptsd, depression, and anxiety, and they all feed into each other, as I'm sure you're aware, so I personally understand trying treatment after treatment without any real help. Our daughter has hyperthyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis and we have personally witnessed the debilitating effects of it, and what pissed me off the most was her mom (I'm step) actually called her lazy.

I took her to the Dr when she was shuffling like a 70 year old who had also lost tons of weight due to lack of appetite. This happened around covid, so there had been some time in between visits with the kids, and her condition was shocking.

I can't imagine getting on anyone for feeling too bad to move. You're feeling bad enough. Why add to it? My husband never gets on me, and I can't express how appreciative I am of that, but at the same time, I know that's how it should be.

I hope your wife's perspective on your ailment improves and (most of all) that you find a treatment that works for you.

Again, I'm sorry for your condition and the added pressure you must be feeling due to attitudes about it. I've had people call me a liar, one of the kids when they were younger had an attitude that I was just lazy because I just couldn't do anything, you get it.

It really sucks to have an invisible but very real health condition. Especially one that can so wear on you mentally when the physical just won't let up. Many people lack so much understanding on that particular factor in unrelenting pain. Their attitude just stacks something on top of it that you really dont need, and I hope for you that the attitude towards you relents, at the very least.


Pithyperson t1_j8p3lh0 wrote

Hm. Never would've thought it. But smoking's still good, right?


Abundance144 t1_j8plt50 wrote

Not just sweets. Carbohydrates in particular. Carbohydrates are literally just strings of glucose. Strings of sugar. Eating a potato will literally raise your blood sugar faster than an equal amount of table sugar.


zack189 t1_j8q1nb4 wrote

Isn't a potato more complex than sugar tho? Taking more time to digest?


Abundance144 t1_j8q8qif wrote

You'd think so. But the glycemic index is higher for the potato than the pure table sugar; meaning that its broken down into sugar faster


Cowsie t1_j8ub33b wrote

This is the opposite for sweet potatoes though innit?


eviljason t1_j8rbqsv wrote

Not just glucose. Most are actually long chain sugars that require some work from the body’s enzymes to break them down to simple sugars.