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dgtlfnk t1_j8omrpk wrote

Imagine the advances we might’ve had if we didn’t just waste 100 years being lied to and restricted from access.


ramdom-ink t1_j8otx0l wrote

So true. It’s criminal the damage done in not adopting this miracle plant for so many of our uses. It was a gift, squandered at great and existential expense.


matsu727 t1_j8pevyf wrote

I’m high off my gourd right now and enjoying life, so I wouldn’t exactly call it “squandered” personally


[deleted] t1_j8qh80i wrote



matsu727 t1_j8qm3du wrote

I probably would have never been born due to my parents making more intelligent choices


tequilamockingbrb t1_j8p4d5m wrote

I'm surprised that you're correct about it being 100 years (1937) Heck, you could buy opium legally in the 1960s.


NolanSyKinsley t1_j8nhi6u wrote

Dude, hulled hemp hearts are unreasonably delicious!


cardew-vascular t1_j8qpwd4 wrote

I really dislike the taste of them myself. I wonder if they were used in mass produced food items they could somehow fix the flavour.


NolanSyKinsley t1_j8uva3j wrote

Really? What do you not like about their taste? Have you tried them just once or different brands? I have found some taste really stale and bad, like the ones you get in the shaker bottles from walmart, I used to just tolerate those on salads but buying it in bag form, over 2lbs, from reputable brands I have found they are really really good, like I can sit down with a serving or two and just munch on them. They kinda just taste like sunflower kernels but a little more delicate, and much less salty.


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j8uvbqr wrote

Another reason to eat sunflower seeds in moderation is their cadmium content. This heavy metal can harm your kidneys if you’re exposed to high amounts over a long period. Sunflowers tend to take up cadmium from the soil and deposit it in their seeds, so they contain somewhat higher amounts than most other foods.


cardew-vascular t1_j8uvr9g wrote

I've tried a bunch. I like sunflower seeds I find hemp hearts perfumey tasting. I have a strong sense of taste though


Frequent_Neck7680 t1_j8oe892 wrote

Gruel, the mainstay of the poor in 18th and 19th century Briton was crushed oats and hemp seeds.


StrayMoggie t1_j8olm36 wrote

I love hemp seeds with my steel cut oats!


ramdom-ink t1_j8otq48 wrote

Oils, food, medicine, benign stimulant, clothing material, papers, etc. etc. and did governments ever sleep on this magic/miracle plant, as they allowed decades of clear cutting entire old growth regions, subsidized fossil fools and so much more. What a crime it was merely to enable robber barons and the status quo to maintain monopolies at great expense to our future…about time they adopted hemp for many replacement resources.


FalseTebibyte t1_j8qm9ci wrote

"new" foods.

Aka, "Hey, I remember why this stuff was banned to begin with. Let's try again!"


patrykpudlo t1_j8p3rh5 wrote

Hemp is a brain food as well wink wink


tequilamockingbrb t1_j8p4kgl wrote

I'd like to see that study


Sound_mind t1_j8pah5c wrote

I'd like to participate in that study


tequilamockingbrb t1_j8pj74j wrote

I'd like to run that study


SilverCityRobot t1_j8pmdis wrote

I’d like to eat after that study


aitchnyu t1_j8qc5og wrote

Are soy and hemp complete protein sources or are there caveats?


Glorious_Gregorious t1_j8qnt0d wrote

Great .. I'm so deathly allergic to hemp that I have an EpiPen for it


Ishpeming_Native t1_j8vq3az wrote

I have always thought that if modern technology were used to make something nutritious out of various weeds, we'd all be better off. Giant thistles. Ragweed. Dandelions (yes, I know the French and others eat the greens, but they eat snails, too). Burdock. If there is a more useless plant in the world than burdock, I'd like to hear it. All that vegetable energy used to produce a burr that winds itself into any kind of fur so tightly that it's easier to cut or burn it out than to try to extract it. Take that perversion and use it to make a nutritious seed! Cockleburs, all the other "I'm going to lodge in your hair/fur and go for a ride" plants. Pigweed. I mean, pick one. All you guys going for a PhD in biology, find a weed and find a way to make it a food crop. You don't even have to change the plant, just find a way to process it into something edible or useful. PLEASE!


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ahfoo t1_j8zoihg wrote

I like the fact that this paper is coming out of Japan which recently began making concessions on medical marijuana. The paper mentions the fact that it has long been a part of funeral practices in both Japan and China to use burnt hemp leaves to purify the attendees. Just as with India, hemp has been integral to cultures across Asia but they all jumped on the Inquisition bandwagon when the US was leading the parade. Now that the US is backing off, they're left to deal with the shame of admitting they were acting like fools.


HowardMoo t1_j8oymcz wrote

With a hammer in your hand, all the world's a nail.