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NolanSyKinsley t1_j8uva3j wrote

Really? What do you not like about their taste? Have you tried them just once or different brands? I have found some taste really stale and bad, like the ones you get in the shaker bottles from walmart, I used to just tolerate those on salads but buying it in bag form, over 2lbs, from reputable brands I have found they are really really good, like I can sit down with a serving or two and just munch on them. They kinda just taste like sunflower kernels but a little more delicate, and much less salty.


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j8uvbqr wrote

Another reason to eat sunflower seeds in moderation is their cadmium content. This heavy metal can harm your kidneys if you’re exposed to high amounts over a long period. Sunflowers tend to take up cadmium from the soil and deposit it in their seeds, so they contain somewhat higher amounts than most other foods.


cardew-vascular t1_j8uvr9g wrote

I've tried a bunch. I like sunflower seeds I find hemp hearts perfumey tasting. I have a strong sense of taste though