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glendaleterrorist t1_j8oejqa wrote

Got it. Smoke pot, less seizures. Cool


6x420x9 t1_j8p0fro wrote

It can also reduce anxiety through the same mechanism (slowing activity in the hippocampus)


MelancholyMeltingpot t1_j8p5zol wrote

Then why does it make me More anxious ?? That's what I wanna know


jakoto0 t1_j8p8mih wrote

>Then why does it make me More anxious ?? That's what I wanna know

I believe this is referring to Cannabidiol, specifically "CBD" which is not abundantly found in the type of cannabis that gets you high (THC). CBD is a cannabinoid more often found in hemp type plants or a hybrid of hemp and cannabis plant. CBD can alleviate some of the negative anxious effects from THC, but if you want anti-anxiety you would need weed that is high in CBD but very low THC.


Bon_of_a_Sitch t1_j8parjf wrote

THC and CBD are suspected to have an inverse relationship. The higher the THC (and thus the user) the lower the CBD.

That is why the new apple store looking vape shops sell 1:1 cartridges. Those are equal parts of each which is largely unheard of in the flowers.


sunplaysbass t1_j8q55j3 wrote

CBD is less potent than THC. People would benefit more from 80:20 CBD carts - but that’s price prohibitive for most people who have the tolerance and want to consume a lot of THC. You would also have to vape more material overall.

I prefer CBD oral, but I’ll take at least 100mg at a time for a noticeable benefit.


Bon_of_a_Sitch t1_j8q6ky0 wrote

CBD and THC just do different things.

It is somewhat like comparing green tea and red wine. They both have a set of pros and cons.


IridescentGarbageCat t1_j8sqwrm wrote

I believe the initial effect is briefly raising your blood pressure and heart rate, followed by those things lowering. The initial spike can cause anxiety, since the heart rate comes first and once the mental aspect of anxiety is triggered it's hard to soothe. People who have anxiety may feel their body reacting and think, oh no I'm anxious. This is partly why exercise helps anxiety long term past the release of energy, since it lowers resting heart rate.

I've also heard that the anxiety effects can come from worrying about getting caught, so I'm curious if you're experiencing this is an accepting and legal environment.


2wheeloffroad t1_j8uhhh1 wrote

That's because you are not drinking tequila too. Seriously, how long does the anxiety last? Maybe you are using too much.


FowlOnTheHill t1_j8qsfm3 wrote

The first few times it does. Once you’ve learned “how to drive” it doesn’t make you as anxious.

Also social situations definitely turn up the anxiety so I would recommend doing it alone at home.


den317 t1_j8tk7u8 wrote

You are probably smoking a sativa. Switch to and indica. Different active ingredients.


ddddpoandlnK t1_j8oaijj wrote

Someone dumb this down for me please


thatsumoguy07 t1_j8obc7g wrote

"CBD dampens elevation of E-I ratio and excitability, thus opposing recurrent seizures"

CBD has been known to reduce or eliminate seizures, this paper is going over the mechanism (in mice) and showing how it does so and why it may be beneficial for treatment.


MattC1977 t1_j8py7s6 wrote

…..a little dumber….?


creggieb t1_j8q1zzx wrote

More cbd= less seizures


Live-Neighborhood857 t1_j8qk6ns wrote

You are not going to believe this... dumber.


rgaya t1_j8rhiw3 wrote

Weed makes you chill af


Snaz5 t1_j8rwlz9 wrote

“In English, doctor.”


austex66 t1_j8ocaiw wrote

If you look at the chart you can clearly see that normal folk don't have a clue what it says.


NugVegas t1_j8offut wrote

This is why The Govt patented a naturally occurring substance.


dkran t1_j8p57z0 wrote

However they technically legalized the synthetic versions while keeping the naturally occurring illegal.


Quamtotious t1_j8pdyax wrote

Actually they figured out a way to derive delta 9 from hemp, so you can now have the real thing, just synthetic.


dkran t1_j8pe92q wrote

Not quite the real thing; the circus of cannabinoids is what makes pot appealing. Delta-9 is a small but significant subset.

It’s like the opiates vs opium comparison.


Quamtotious t1_j8pes85 wrote

Delta 9 is the active chemical that gets you high. Most vapes are a straight extract unless otherwise specified. It is identical to a product on dispensary shelves.

If you want the whole kit and kaboodle, you can go significantly BEYOND the real stuff by mixing 8, 9, 10, d8thco, d9thco, CBD, and readd a terpene mix, that would be closer to your opiate/opium comparison.


darkdreeum t1_j8pfwyq wrote

Agree with you here. I call these "connesseuir blends" and you can definitely snipe a specific high like this. I'd love to start seeing more d8 research though, I know that it functions with two receptors instead of d9's one, and in the past 6 months or so I've been experimenting solely with it over d9. It seems to me like some of the negative effects that come from heavy d9 use are not present in d8, or are lessened.


dkran t1_j8pfl0z wrote

Secondary: I don’t buy vapes, mostly flower and prerolls. I get full spectrum or nada.

It’s not even worth it to mess with those “cannabis products” that are so limited. My wife does like CBD however


cgnops t1_j8q6c4x wrote

The patent is not exactly on the compounds (or meant to make cbd exclusive or restricted to being a government product), it’s for a method to treat severe oxidative stress in the brain (such as what is seen clinically following stroke or heart attack), the compounds that they are using for this purpose are cannabinoids. The structures of the major cannabinoids were determined between the 30s to the 60s - that means the compounds are not new inventions and can’t be subject to being patented as an invention in what you linked (filed in the late 90s and granted in early 2000s). This is unlike other newly discovered drugs (synthetic or natural) that can be patented because they were previously not known. You can however patent a new unexpected use of some old compound, in this case protecting the brain following a stroke or a heart attack. In fact that is a way that companies have tried to keep their drug patent “evergreen” and extend their exclusivity, get it approved for new applications. Now, why is the process of getting a patent important, and not necessarily a bad thing? Because if you want a drug to be recognized and approved by the FDA and therefore administered by legitimate medical professionals with confidence to their patients, it needs to get patented for a specific use. Physicians can still prescribe things “off label” but it’s a physician and consumer confidence thing that a drug gets FDA approved for specific uses where it shows effectiveness as proven by rigorous, documented testing.


SnooJokes2090 t1_j8pls8v wrote

I’ve never had so little understanding for a sentence.


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FloofBagel t1_j8pfqf9 wrote

Ayo I’m stoned rn let’s goooo less seizures!


DidntWinn t1_j8q4dwu wrote

“Ratio to counter” I know these words at least.


Vlasic69 t1_j8sxorq wrote

Learning and memory from Hippocampus, weed makes you not learn and remember as much and in exchange you get to feel high, for me, weed and other hippocampus interrupting substances give me boners.


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Vlasic69 t1_j8sye4o wrote

This bot is weird, anyways, my erections are strong and plentiful.


copperpin t1_j8tx60g wrote

I hate when the title is obvious click-bait like this.


Taurus65 t1_j8qhi4g wrote

Ok Doc. Give to me straight.. how long have I got?!