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Anyone here know enough abt cytokines to tell us how "treatable" this is with modern technology?

Is it a matter of repurposing some other cytokine treatment, or do we need to develop a whole new technique?


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I thought long haulers were over inflammed, yet (correct me if I am wrong) the wording of OP and what you state is saying there is no more inflammation whatsoever happening in regard to these two cytokines specifically.

So I guess perhaps there is an over expression in other ones?


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Perhaps. I did a simple search for systemic lupus and covid immunity. I found data that suggested people with active lupus have superior immunity and less progression than people who are not currently flaring. I am not a doctor. I have sle however, and I found covid was an extremely minor cold for me that lasted a few days. In another study it showed lupus patients have poor results with vaccines and immunity. It is very interesting that they're finding association with elevated Anti double stranded DNA and increased immunity. Thank you for your comments. It is interesting.


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Lactoferrin has immune modulating properties. Among other benefits as an anti viral, bacterial, and fungal. Also gut modulating properties.


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lactoferrin significantly lowers all my symptoms


Sacs1726 t1_j8z8z9o wrote

Me too. Except for one pesky symptom. I didn’t see an effect until ramping up the dose though. I take Apolactoferrin which as I understand prevents the concern of high iron levels.


Michaelcycle13 t1_j8svy72 wrote

Get a micronutrient test done, check your Zinc and Vitamin C levels. They're likely depleted. Zinc and Vitamin C have fundamental roles in nourishing the gland which creates Cytokine molecules (Thymus Gland). Vitamin D also plays a crucial role. If we are insufficient in the nutrition that's responsible for Cytokine function, I would imagine that by bringing the nutrients to healthier levels would lead to higher cytokine levels. Issue is is that prolonged malnutrition of the Thymus gland actually leads it to have atrophy, which will mean lessened fundamental function. The sooner we replenish our Thymus, the better.

Virus's love to deplete Vitamin C and Zinc, because Vitamin C and Zinc are so readily necessary for Cytokine (immune fighting T Cells) to deploy and fight the virus. So not only will the virus deplete these key nutrients, but the key nutrients will be depleted leading to insufficient immune fighting function. Its a loop if you will.

For example, I have had a micronutrient panel done, I have resoundingly low levels of Zinc and Vitamin C. And now looking back realizing that during my last infection, I didn't even have a fever. It was extremely mild. Which is and could be in indication of a under functioning deployment of Killer T Cells to be sent out to fight the virus. As a indication that your T cells are busy fighting the virus is to have a fever, it is the body's natural process for killing viral material. Which makes me think, "Just think how many of us had "mild" or "asymptomatic" infections (no fever). Maybe even from the jab itself. Could our immune system of just been depleted? Hence leading to viral persistence within us still?"