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arcosapphire t1_j8u466n wrote

> Edit - Prove me wrong.

Oh, I could. But I don't want to.


valhalos t1_j8uhd47 wrote

I wish you would/could... Well played.


Sculptasquad t1_j8vaq9j wrote

"I argue like a five year old and think it is a mic-drop."


arcosapphire t1_j8vc3nn wrote

Uh, dude. It was a joke. Because "I don't want to" is along the lines of exercising free will. Get it?

I think we're all well aware that there is no empirical test of free will. There's nothing to argue either way. So I was making a funny, you see?



Sculptasquad t1_j8vcvkk wrote

There is nothing to argue? Great take here on r/science...


arcosapphire t1_j8vdho6 wrote

Do you understand what unfalsifiable means? There is no scientific test for free will.

Acknowledging what is beyond the scope of science is indeed appropriate for r/science. But I'm thinking you're just a troll.