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Shity_Balls t1_j94e1gs wrote

Can’t reply to your comment or see it, so I copied it and will respond here.

>So its just a matter of classification to you, the fact I can swish it into my mouth and disrupt bacteria or even kill them is not "medicine" to you in this "context" you call medicine, isn't that an arbitrary classification potentially? I'm not arguing, by the way

None of this is arbitrary. Neither of us are classifying alcohol into our own categories. This is the agreed upon terminology in the medical field. In medicine, which is the current topic we are discussing alcohol under as it pertains to antimicrobial agents, and not in the effect is has on an individual when ingested. You can ingest it, but it has limited to no therapeutic benefits as far as antimicrobial properties are concerned past the point of swishing, which even then, is generally recommended against doing.

If you swish it and spit it or ingest it, it’s still an antiseptic. I can drink a cup of hot urine and tell myself it’s an antibiotic, that doesn’t make it an antibiotic. I’m most certain that the Colgate brand that used to use ethanol even labeled alcohol as an ‘antiseptic.’