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wicklowdave t1_j8uua44 wrote

That's probably most likely. And if you were a dog you'd know it. Dogs are instinctively afraid of wolves.


kirkoswald t1_j8v233x wrote

That's why they put spike collars on dogs that have to protect livestock. The collars prevent the wolves biting dogs neck and gives them the upperhand


wicklowdave t1_j8v5416 wrote

Dogs don't have any hands tho


Legumez t1_j8vblxj wrote

That's why they need the collar.


Definition-Ornery t1_j8vgu3f wrote

what about the lower hand?


Beautifulblueocean t1_j8vs9o9 wrote

The dogs still have the lower hand even with a spike collar because wolves are pretty badass I believe.


Cybtroll t1_j8vu0nd wrote

They don't. Not against proper pastor dog that are usually (much) larger than wolves and extremely territorial.

The spiked collars is used because dogs are in inferior numbers against even a small pack of wolves... but on the other hand any predator is easily dissuades to search for an easier prey when faced with even minor resistance.


Beautifulblueocean t1_j8xaibx wrote

They do. That is one breed of dog. I'm pretty sure a wolf would eat my weenie with a spike collar or not. But I'd want my weenie to win for sure. Go Rosie!


sfibsdhbsfd3432 t1_j8wycnm wrote

Dogs don't have lower hands, but some breeds are better equipped for protection than others.


harishahuja t1_j8wnwur wrote

It's true, the collar gives the dog an advantage in fighting off wolves. But ideally, we should strive for coexistence with wildlife.


paul84279 t1_j8vsuvg wrote

Very true, dogs don't have hands, but they do have paws!


Adm_Kunkka t1_j8vn1kx wrote

I mean, a wolf could easily kill a dog by biting elsewhere


kirkoswald t1_j8vpga3 wrote

True. I just saw it on some show once talking about how the guard dogs beat wolf's in fights because of the spiked collar


Ainar86 t1_j8w3wsk wrote

Yes but their instinct is to go for the neck as the quickest method.


absoluteq t1_j8vqkd5 wrote

Dogs and wolves may have some instinctual behaviors, but their interactions are much more complex than just fear.


HybridVigor t1_j8vcfjz wrote

But not coyotes, unfortunately.


dancingmarc t1_j8xgbvj wrote

Coyotes are another challenge for dogs in rural areas, where they may prey on livestock or small pets.