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Pigrescuer t1_j8w5ij7 wrote

I have small dogs that can't reach door handles, luckily, but we have a friend with a border collie who has let herself into our house in the past (our house open onto a green and we often leave the front door unlocked during the day).

She once let herself in, released my dog from the living room, and I glanced out my office window during a zoom meeting to spot them both running laps around my (human) friend on the green outside.


Kaiisim t1_j8x79ce wrote

Typical collie always pulling heists and jail breaks.


PhoenixStorm1015 t1_j8y9u6h wrote

Collies (and herding dogs in general) are such amazing companions. My gf’s cousin has an Aussie shepherd and to put it candidly she likely would’ve lost her life if he hadn’t woken her up when a fire broke out. Ridiculously smart dogs and amazingly caring and nurturing creatures.