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wicklowdave t1_j8ujy3k wrote

If I was a wolf I'd be so disappointed with what dogs have become.


No-Sock7425 t1_j8utej9 wrote

If I was a wolf I would definitely wear sheep’s clothing. So soft and warm. Mmmmm.


Critical_Cress_6106 t1_j8uyzs1 wrote

My puppy used to attentively watch me pee in the toilet & later I found pee on the floor right next to the toilet, he did it a couple of times.


Syclone1436 t1_j8v4v04 wrote

That's because they have to. Wolves and cats dgaf.


denzien t1_j8ve5cg wrote

A sophisticated predator, nature's perfect killing machine, the vicious wolf stalks its prey with purpose and skill. It was only with years of selective breeding and genetic altering that this noble beast was transformed into man's subservient little buddy.


Odge t1_j8vquss wrote

Didn’t take long for my dog to figure out how door handles work. We rotated the handles 90 degrees so he couldn’t just lean on them. Took him a few days to figure out how to push them open with his nose. Now we have door knobs on most doors…


patfetes t1_j8vr2ju wrote

I wasn't aware that wolves could have kittens.


geekolojust t1_j8vtjtw wrote

Thought this was another extraction machine.


Cybtroll t1_j8vu0nd wrote

They don't. Not against proper pastor dog that are usually (much) larger than wolves and extremely territorial.

The spiked collars is used because dogs are in inferior numbers against even a small pack of wolves... but on the other hand any predator is easily dissuades to search for an easier prey when faced with even minor resistance.


mtaylor0730 t1_j8vu73i wrote

t's interesting to think about how much humans have shaped the evolution of dogs over thousands of years. But we should also remember to treat them with kindness and care.


-downtone_ t1_j8vz8cx wrote

Interesting. I trained all my cats using social rewards rather than food rewards. Meaning I trained them using the method they say dog puppies are best at. Odd.


skn133229 t1_j8vzn1c wrote

Wonder if huskies are again more wolf than dog in this regard.


TheDewser t1_j8w3i45 wrote

Our puppers would follow me into the bathroom regularly and watch me pee. We kept pee pads in there next to the bathtub. One day my gf walks in and sees her standing against the tub and peeing on the pad.


Pigrescuer t1_j8w5ij7 wrote

I have small dogs that can't reach door handles, luckily, but we have a friend with a border collie who has let herself into our house in the past (our house open onto a green and we often leave the front door unlocked during the day).

She once let herself in, released my dog from the living room, and I glanced out my office window during a zoom meeting to spot them both running laps around my (human) friend on the green outside.


ActualMis t1_j8w71of wrote

Over the years I've had several dogs, and they all had this thing where, if they had to pee/poop inside for some reason (I'm late coming home, they had the runs or something) they always went in the bathroom. My one dog would even hop into the bathtub and go there.


cmdixon2 t1_j8w8nt8 wrote

I would like one wolf kitten, please!


Cmama2Boyz t1_j8wee2q wrote

Life would be less of a joy without dogs, cannot imagine life if things didn’t turn out this way. Thanks wolfy


nyet-marionetka t1_j8wfzg6 wrote

Cats tend to do this too, pee in the bathtub or sink. I am not sure why. Maybe drain odors smell to them like “this is the place to urinate”, or maybe it’s something about the smooth surface, though I would think carpet would seem better to pee on.


EmpyreanFantasy t1_j8wkdw6 wrote

As a result of dog domestication they are the most successful species of canine by THOUSANDS of miles. There are millions and millions of dogs. Nowhere near that many wolves. This mutualism was mutually beneficial for humanity and canis familiaris, more than their ancestors could ever dream of.


nerd4code t1_j8wnydh wrote

Ours tried peeing on our cats’ litter boxes for a bit, but TBF he’d pee aggressively (with eyes locked to mine) so Idunno if it was imitative or retributive, or if he just decided all the pee smells belong together.


loverevolutionary t1_j8x9b4h wrote

Why? Wolves are animals that live in packs. Dogs were just wolves who found the most kickass pack to join. They perform a service for their pack and get a great life in return. No shame there, as most wolves probably aren't pack leaders anyway.


HollywoodThrill t1_j8xqix4 wrote

For the most part I think that dogs just want to do what you want them to do.


PhoenixStorm1015 t1_j8y9u6h wrote

Collies (and herding dogs in general) are such amazing companions. My gf’s cousin has an Aussie shepherd and to put it candidly she likely would’ve lost her life if he hadn’t woken her up when a fire broke out. Ridiculously smart dogs and amazingly caring and nurturing creatures.


xX7heGuyXx t1_j8ydllc wrote

Yes, that is the whole point of the domestication process. That is why it is easy to own a dog and not easy to own a wolf. They "naturally' just understand us.


pete_68 t1_j8yw8k2 wrote

This seems silly. Of course dogs are going to match our actions more than a wolf. Dogs evolved to be likeable to us. That's how they got rewarded with food. The ones who do things we liked got rewarded with food and were more fit to survive and breed. 130,000 years of that and food is no longer required as the reward. They've evolved to want to please us.


throneofthornes t1_j902h09 wrote

My kitten figured the front door handle out when she was six months old. She would sit and watch every time we opened it and one fine day while my kid and I were playing in the front yard I hear a wild banging (her body against the door) and then it swings open and dis widdle biddy kitty is standing there all proud of herself. Had to start locking it!