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redvodkandpinkgin t1_j91kyp0 wrote

That study defends my point though. It's right in the abstract

>Results The random effects mean difference between drug and placebo favored drug (1.75 points, 95% confidence interval 1.63 to 1.86). Differences between drug and placebo increased significantly (P<0.001) with greater baseline severity. After controlling for participant characteristics at baseline, no trends in treatment effect or placebo response over time were found. The best fitting model of response distributions was three normal distributions, with mean improvements from baseline to end of treatment of 16.0, 8.9, and 1.7 points. These distributions were designated Large, Non-specific, and Minimal responses, respectively. Participants who were treated with a drug were more likely to have a Large response (24.5% v 9.6%) and less likely to have a Minimal response (12.2.% v 21.5%).

Depression is an insanely difficult to treat disorder. There is no one drug that cures it or even makes it manageable for everyone; hell, they din't help me a whole lot with it. But the medicine works for some people. More importantly, it seems to help more those with a more severe depression. It's no miracle, but it can help some together with therapy.

We still don't have a good drug for it, sure, but it's not like a placebo, it does help.