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vwb2022 t1_j8y0zo0 wrote

20 years ago when I was doing my PhD I became friends with a bunch of climatologists as our offices were next to each other. Their view was that the model is always lagging behind, because we first need to observe the effect to include it into the model.

So whatever the model is telling us, the things will get worse faster than that. If the model is saying that 2 degC increase is safe, that's probably not true and we should aim for 1.5. We already burned through 1 degC increase, so things are not looking good.


kittenTakeover t1_j8y9792 wrote

What happens after 2 degC?


hmoeslund t1_j8ye7a3 wrote

You have to learn yoga - so you can bend over and kiss your ass goodbye


killcat t1_j903tq4 wrote

It's about the positive feedback loops, as it gets warmer more ice and permafrost melts, lowering the albedo, releasing trapped Carbon as CO2 or CH4 etc


kentgoodwin t1_j91bq9o wrote

This article points out, once again, the need to move as quickly as we can to decarbonize our civilization. But we have already baked in a fair bit of change and it is going to be challenging, given all our other impacts on the biosphere, to get through the bottleneck of the next century and begin the long easing toward a sustainable civilization.

In the longer term, we can see a way for humans to flourish on this planet and to allow all our non-human relatives to flourish as well. But it will take a paradigm shift to get there. Perhaps something like the one described in the Aspen Proposal.


purchankruly t1_j915wjr wrote

If there’s a god who only understands his own plan let’s hope it’s not through the eyes of the things we kill he’s seeing.


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Infamous_Operation85 t1_j8y4caf wrote

As long as that climate action being taken doesn't mean more communism.


TomSwirly t1_j8yrcze wrote

You use communism like a three-year-old uses the word "poo-poo" except that three-year-old actually understands the meanings of the word she is using.

It is impossible ever to have any sort of adult conversation about these matters when giggling and deliberately ignorant simpletons spent all their time screaming lies and insanity.


RAPanoia t1_j8zqxf0 wrote

Nature doesn't make deals with us and she isn't interested in our politics or our financial constructs.

We either play by her rules and change our society to them or we will face extinction. It is pretty simple.

Right now capitalism is the biggest threat to a lot of needed changes because individuals are profiting from destroying our enviroment. They will try everything to prolong the status quo, because not only do they profit from it but also the shareholders.

So we either have to regulate them asap and as hard as possible, forbid stuff by law or politics around the world have to make state takeovers of these companies. And btw we are missing the time for small changes because the same companies knew about the needed changes for decades and instead of decreasing the enviromental damage they increased it for profits.