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MundanePlantain1 t1_jacgmye wrote

This is how Theranos began.


cookiedux t1_jach9q3 wrote

Not really, Theranos began with the premise, “people avoid blood tests because they don’t like providing blood the traditional way” and then they just made up the science. It was a non-problem in search of a profitable solution.


MundanePlantain1 t1_jachhyg wrote

I was unsuccessful in making a joke.


Jack55555 t1_jacyxxk wrote

I clicked on the comments to see this.

That’s a win in my book.


SerialStateLineXer t1_jadlz4f wrote

This happens, without fail, in every thread about using blood tests to diagnose cancer. Usually multiple times. It's Holmes' Law.


CH23 t1_jacj6y0 wrote

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in fixing the problem ;)


Arkayb33 t1_jacow3w wrote

The documentary on HBOmax was pretty good.

One part, they talk about how the engineers had to fiddle with the inner bits of the machine while it was running and risk getting stabbed by the needles inside the machine that were splattered with client blood samples.


cookiedux t1_jacqpfg wrote

Oh man I saw it and I don’t even remember that. ::shudder::


OpenToCommunicate t1_jadh045 wrote

Hey I have never seen the : symbol used in this way before. Are you mimicking the back and forth movement of the word shudder? Or is it trying to express something else?


odd84 t1_jadjjhn wrote

Its usage like this dates back to early bulletin board systems, MUDs (text-only MMOs), and AOL chat rooms. It's a convention from those on the internet in the 1970s-1990s. You'd use it to separate actions from dialogue when chatting or roleplaying.


cookiedux t1_jadz7v6 wrote

thank you! came here to talk about AIM :)


giuliomagnifico OP t1_jacjc60 wrote

Yes but this a university/public stuff, not a private company business.


micromaniac_8 t1_jacv52v wrote

Universities sell and lease IP every day. Academic research is largely theoretical. Biotech companies spend billions every year trying to get from theories to practice.


Artanthos t1_jad5ne6 wrote

It’s also how a lot of real advances have begun.


hinstsui t1_jadmqnu wrote

This is what Theranos bring to the table when people hear about any blood related research progress in the not so distant subsequent future