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olderaccount t1_jae6ltw wrote

The reason Theranos happened is because the concept is viable. They just decided to start faking results when their implementation wasn't living up to the promises.


Cursory_Analysis t1_jaeb54q wrote

The concept of blood testing in general is plenty viable.

Theranos’ concept specifically as a bioengineering concept was actually not at all viable.

Every single person that looked at the product that they were peddling was saying “well, even in theory this isn’t possible to do”.


Thanges88 t1_jaedazq wrote

What was Theranos' bioengineering concept?


Doc_Lewis t1_jaeexyg wrote

Detecting very scarce amounts of material from improbably small amounts of sample


Thanges88 t1_jaefain wrote

Ah yep, I just didn't classify that in my mind as a bioengineering concept.


VdomanFla t1_jaeebt1 wrote

As long as she keeps getting pregnant, she can delay going to prison.