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iperus0351 t1_j91v673 wrote

It is a neat fact. The area of the world that is at high elevation compared to what we are loosing below is significant. We need more aggressive legislation to protect wilderness and clean up industries.

Big plastic could have been solved with proper infrastructure. Instead they ran a campaign to convince the world it was the end users fault. Plants and power stations that break down plastic are band and protested. It’s really frustrating because a industrial problem needs a industrial solution. People don’t believe more reactors and distillation towers are the solution.

Sorry I rant about plastic waste a lot.


AllanfromWales1 t1_j92bklg wrote

I've had recent involvement in carbon capture technology for power plants and other large CO2 emitters, and there's still an anti-technology bias there also. I don't personally hold with conspiracy theories, I suspect it's just that those who shout the loudest against emissions and pollutants tend to see 'green' as being equated with pre-industrial approaches.


kopytt86 t1_j97raj8 wrote

It's important to explore all possible solutions to reduce emissions and address climate change, including innovative technologies like carbon capture.