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subdep t1_j94rhat wrote

This makes me wonder if my wife has an anxiety disorder. She acknowledges she has lots of anxiety, but if she sees something scary on TV she can’t let it go unless the show is turned off and even then it takes her a good 20 minutes to settle down. She thinks I’m just “desensitized” to violence on TV, which may be true, but she seems to be trying to rationalize her irrational lingering anxiety after the threat is just a show and is off.


Tamagotchi_Stripper t1_j94yp9b wrote

Hmm that’s interesting. I have an anxiety disorder and I will get caught in a worst case scenario loop in my mind about something. After I work myself through it and everything turns out fine, I will have lingering anxiety even the next day. I’ll just wake up feeling anxious even though the thing causing my intense anxiety had already passed. My body just hangs on to that stress and treats that as its baseline and it’s awful.


keepingitfr3sh t1_j94ts6c wrote

No one could ever make a diagnosis unless they are a psychologist or psychiatrist. If her anxiety affects her daily life, then she should consider seeing a psychologist. Also just because someone has anxiety. It doesn’t mean that they have an anxiety disorder. We’re humans and it’s our natural fight or flight response. One common treatment that is effective is cognitive behavioural therapy, there are lots of books.


Entchenkrawatte t1_j953ok2 wrote

Have this and also have AD, but that doesnt mean much. Professional diagnosis would be needed but that also should be done only if she feels Like her anxiety is having a negative Impact on her Life.