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Paulbunyip t1_j9402bu wrote

It’s worth noting that this has little to do with teeth, CMT is a neurological disease and one of the discoverers was named, I guess, Dr. Tooth.


LDC1234 t1_j94i3qy wrote

My dad has it, he was not impressed when the receptionist at the doctortold him that he'll need to go see a dentist instead.


yogo t1_j94cids wrote

Thank you for telling us the Tooth.


danteheehaw t1_j94892b wrote

Little known fact a out Dr.Tooth, he invented the girst tooth.


sligowind t1_j93rwui wrote

I was friends with Charcot Marie. Really a sweet woman. She had summer teeth. Summer here, summer there.


pokey68 t1_j941jd6 wrote

Some day I’d like to see if there is a difference between feeling less pain, or is the same amount of pain less of an immediate problem. Both are good.


TheProtoChris t1_j9431fu wrote

Dealing with chronic pain, I can tell you that opiates cause me to still feel the pain but not care as much, but also make me completely couch-locked. Medical MJ provides the same sort of disassociation from the pain, but still leave me the ability to do the dishes.


pokey68 t1_j9458s0 wrote

Been smoking/vaping since forever, and when I have had pain, have definitely found the pain less important. Might help with a marijuana/pain study if they followed the “How much does it hurt?” question with the “How big of a problem is it?” Then administer the pot and ask again.


onedollarjuana t1_j9444er wrote

I have a family member with CMT. She used to use cannabis for pain, but stopped. I think the psychoactive negatives were not worth it at that time. But CMT is progressive, as is the pain. Maybe it's time for a second look?


ThrA-X t1_j97hks1 wrote

There are strains of cannabis now with more of the pain relief aspect and less psychoactivity. I think it's definitely worth another look.


blueyork t1_j95qevn wrote

My sister has CMT. Sometimes called sharky foot because the bones break so easily. She wants broke her ankle just stepping off a curb.


Mindless_Button_9378 t1_j96ah4k wrote

I was injured, and became addicted to opioids for 15 years. I quit 5 years ago and now use medical cannabis. I will never be, and don't expect to be, pain free but I only sought an acceptable level of pain. That is what I get from it.


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ph30nix01 t1_j9bby7e wrote

I'd love to see a study done on each specific terepene at concentrated doses.