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malenkylizards t1_j95q3cj wrote

How is that money "lost"? It translates into one hell of a lot of jobs, which translate into money spent in all the surrounding businesses, all benefitting local taxpayers, which, of course, translates into more tax revenue. Comparably little (not none obvs, we live in a capitalism) of that goes to actual billionaires, at least compared to loads of other ways we could spend those billions.

Money only works if it moves.


TricksterWolf t1_j96kc3j wrote

Amusingly, a lot of people who dismiss scientific funding don't even blink when the US spends trillions on a new fighter jet whose ignoble function may end up being naught but shooting down a small balloon with a $400,000 missile.

In contrast, data lasts forever and stands to benefit all of us.