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bripi t1_j9994d1 wrote


Xaendeau t1_j99ef1u wrote

Literally all those things you listed are less important than if the money was put into science. Every penny spent in scientific research is investing in the future of humanity.

This goes to show how unaware you are about how science works. Pure, fundamental research is the basis of what technological advancements in applied science and engineering are built from:

My dude, just like, read the Wikipedia article and become educated about the matter. If you need examples, I got about a dozen I can think of off the top of my head.


bripi t1_j99fsr6 wrote

>This goes to show how unaware you are about how science works.

ha ha ha ha ha ha that's hilarious! I had to screenshot that comment, no one is going to believe someone said that to me. Thanks for turning this witch-hunt into something funny!


Xaendeau t1_j99gg29 wrote

Hey man, stay ignorant if you want. It's a choice at this point. If you want actual dialogue, hit me up and I can give you examples of science that has paid exponential dividends in our society.


Xaendeau t1_j99iz8j wrote

While I'm waiting for the sudafed to hopefully help my sinuses, I'd like to know why you think money spent in basic science is a bad use of taxes. Scientific research and educational funding is something I'm passionate about. It's the best way to spend tax dollars.

I'm here all night, my face hurts too much to sleep.


bripi t1_j99nphu wrote

Don't hold your breath. I'm 100% done talking with you.


Xaendeau t1_j9bxjtk wrote

Hey, don't get offended when someone calls you out on something you should already know. Fundamental, pure research is critically important.