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Educational-Stock708 t1_j95thnk wrote

The headline is confusing first we say fat is protective then we say it causes dementia and stroke so either it is beneficial or dangerous this headline is a true mystery indeed.


TomMatthews t1_j95vgnp wrote

I think you’re misreading it says it protects against brain inflammation which is one of the causes of dementia and such no?


sexybeans t1_j96h7ta wrote

Headline is weirdly phrased, I think the final part of the sentence "which can result is problems..." refers to brain inflammation resulting in problems, not subcutaneous fat.


xShadowZephyrx t1_j967yl7 wrote

I've interpreted it as the fat goes somewhere where it won't cause as much harm


CannedVestite t1_j969kd1 wrote

This just makes the headline even more stupid.

"Womn store fat around their hips and butt because its less dangerous than storing it in the brain"


ZeroPride t1_j96btby wrote


You people throw around cause and effect and have no idea what it really means.

Women’s bodies store fat around their hips and butt, which happens to prevent brain inflammation. Brain inflammation is a bad thing.


ubermeisters t1_j96hjq6 wrote

Nah, I think it's perfectly clear that fat has a place in the body as a protective element, and it's also pretty clear that when fat exists in places, or quantities, that are abnormal, it causes problems. none of that is new.


SerialStateLineXer t1_j99apep wrote

As I understand it, the claim here is not that subcutaneous fat is protective, but that visceral fat is extra harmful, and that, holding total fat constant, a tendency to store fat subcutaneously is protective because the alternative is storing it viscerally.


BerriesAndMe t1_j96ncdk wrote

I think brain inflammation is the one that can cause dementia and such. But I had to reread it a few times as we.


Ebayednoob t1_j996io0 wrote

It'd probably make more sense if you read the accompanying article though..


InTheEndEntropyWins t1_j96i351 wrote

I think it's saying the distribution of fat in women is better than fat in man. It's not saying fat is good.

So for men, particularly Asians it's really important to not get fat.

Women should also watch their weight, being overweight even if the fat goes to the hips isn't healthy.