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crazyhadron t1_j95rozz wrote

>Pharmacological vitamin C (VC) is a potential natural compound for cancer treatment.

Pretty sure they are the same thing (abscorbic acid). Chemistry's chemistry, whether it be from a fruit or from someone's lab


shiny_brine t1_j95vewl wrote

It's the delivery that's different. This is intravenous and bypasses natural regulation, thus providing concentrations not easily obtained otherwise.


Still-WFPB t1_j95rz1j wrote

I havnt reddit. Biochemistry grad. The distinction I think pharmacological is making... is that they isolated variables by simply using ascorbic acid.


TheCrimsonSteel t1_j95utvd wrote

Looks like the other big thing was giving it by IV so they could get to concentrations that would normally capped by the body's regulation mechanisms?

2 or 3 comments up another Redditor breaks down the difference