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Zeratul_Artanis t1_j95vcuz wrote


Niceotropic t1_j95y2xe wrote

Then this is of course the description that should have been used.


Zeratul_Artanis t1_j95zmsm wrote

Well, no because the description is still correct. Pharmacological use of XYZ just means clinical controlled treatment of a disease using XYZ.


KourteousKrome t1_j968xkw wrote

Yeah but if they say pharmacological it seems scary and naturopath blogs can’t say “eat an orange to cure cancer”


Niceotropic t1_j96bjdz wrote

No, it’s not correct. Most pharmacological interventions are oral.


Innundator t1_j96itzc wrote

Yes, random redditor, you tell those PhDs they're wrong about their field. You obviously would know!


Justtryme90 t1_j97fd5t wrote

We are not infallible, even in niche topics which we are very highly experienced with.


Innundator t1_j97l9hv wrote

Cool. That means terms we don't understand should be converted to ones we do, right?


Justtryme90 t1_j97t6d3 wrote

No, it likely means you should spend more time learning how to read academic literature, or if you can't handle how it's written leave it to others who can.