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Darkhorseman81 t1_j98ihjn wrote

Vitamin C regulates TET2, a gene that regulates epigenetic quality control in the blood.

It is so efficient, if you get a loss of function mutation of TET2, Vitamin C can replace its function, weirdly enough.

I'm on my phone so it's a hassle to link studies, but type Leukemia tet Vitamin C into a search engine. Some pop up pretty easily.

Vitamin C alone can treat some forms of Leukemia.

Some, not all. Don't expect it to be a miracle cure or anything.

It's weird, but ancient humans had the ability to produce Vitamin C from Glucose. Over time, through mutations and silenced genes, we became Vitamin C auxotrophs, requiring it from the diet.

The way we evolved our bodies do not stock pile it like oil and fat soluble vitamins, because we used to make what we needed on demand; there was no need.

Now, we use what we need in the moment and excrete the rest.

The loss of this Vitamin C producing capability lead to epigenetic instability. Means we can mutate and evolve faster, but also means we are more prone to cancer and dysfunction.

I've added a 24 hour slow release Vitamin C in its native form to a muscle wastage and anti aging protein powder I'm working on.