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YesWeHaveNoTomatoes t1_j970a2c wrote

I wonder if the flip side of this (inhibiting this circuit when it's overactive) might be helpful for people with depression and similar conditions where inability to do motivated behavior is a problem.


ThrowAway_NSFW_2022 t1_j9aruoc wrote

I believe the problem in depression (and addiction specifically) is being unable to be motivated towards behaviors that once were motivative rather than being unable to do something even if motivation is present.


Kaeny t1_j96rlrg wrote

So since i have no motivation my circuit must be working too well.


dr_Octag0n t1_j9ab3cw wrote

Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again? - Microsoft help desk


xenonrealitycolor t1_j989gq2 wrote

So it seems activating this prevents motivation of risky behaviors, but only to a certain extent. It would be a good idea to test how much deactivation of this circuit would ultimately help people with schizophrenia (similar) major depressive disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and other disorders that significantly prevent people from being able to do anything because of significant motivation and other brain issues.

I would love to see the results on myself after a year of deactivation of this to see what I could get done myself considering my major depression, anxiety, and more.


ocmfoa t1_j9824wu wrote

How about using that to treat depression etc?


SethikTollin7 t1_j98qtft wrote

Ah I'm finally motivated enough that my cry for help from 15 years ago can end me~


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weeniebeeniee t1_j984vwg wrote

So like, they aren’t gonna treat the inhibited circuits and just use that study to help other things?