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Weird_Major2489 t1_j9dn3mt wrote

It hits transplant patients hard too, due to the anti rejection meds


Boring_Vanilla4024 t1_j9e56t0 wrote

Yep. Had so many renal transplant patients in their 40s die in the height of the pandemic.


Conscious_Pickle3605 t1_j9olioc wrote

So scary and sad. Do you have to take extra precautions around them so that you don't expose yourself to mutated strains?


812many t1_j9cv2oa wrote

This sounds familiar, I wonder if it's a more official study published in Nature.

I heard about this on NPR a year or so ago about something similar in a guy in Boston, and they used some great metaphors to help us understand. Link to article similar to what I heard:

Basically, since the body couldn't fight off the coronavirus, it was allowed to multiply completely freely in this person's body. Then at a certain point, due to being in a kind of "survival of the fittest situation", it was began an evolutionary arms race with itself. Different strains would battle each other for supremacy, and over months the dominant version of the coronavirus would change. Since they were taking blood samples regularly, scientists were able to track this battle as it played out in real time.

One interesting thing that happened is that they could use the rapid evolution in this one guy to partially predict where evolution might take place with the circulating variants.


barebackguy7 t1_j9dsw3n wrote

So did the guy feel awful the whole time this was happening?


812many t1_j9dtvbw wrote

Well this particular guy in the article died. I’m not sure the one in the radio episode I heard lived, but having Covid and being immunocompromised doesn’t sound all that pleasant.


Beautiful_Welcome_33 t1_j9ejtwy wrote

He was probably sedated and ventilated for the majority of it. 318 days of Covid isn't something you'll be up and about with.


Educational_Hawk1236 t1_j9em61w wrote

This is why I don’t think it was a coincidence omicron emerged in an area of the world with a high rate of HIV infection, thus a lot of immunocompromised people.


ButterSlip t1_j9bn38u wrote

I take similar medications as patient S, and I have had rhinovirus for 6 months. Skimmed article to see if it would apply, but its more specific to COVID.


BetterCallSal t1_j9bo53u wrote

My wife's cousin was a nurse. She got COVID that first month. She still has it.


Jzerious t1_j9bqvya wrote

Holy hell that sounds miserable. I had no idea that could happen


auntieup t1_j9cq3g2 wrote

Oh my god. Oh my god. That’s so horrible.


thediesel26 t1_j9dscc8 wrote

I’m not saying this isn’t true, but I am saying it’s pretty unlikely.


robstah t1_j9c2k0g wrote

NAC + Bromelain, and find a good probiotic. I use Seed symbiotic.


HoarseCoque t1_j9d41j4 wrote

Going all in on the placebo effect huh?


robstah t1_j9d7gf7 wrote

I'm sorry, but if I had Covid for over a year, I would try anything.


HoarseCoque t1_j9d88kt wrote

This how folks end up boofing mentos and fish paralyzer.


robstah t1_j9ddrnd wrote

Blame the medical/pharma industry for lying to our faces multiple times during and after the pandemic.


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Riversntallbuildings t1_j9cf8za wrote

I Hope this person got compensated for their contribution.


ThePantser t1_j9d7ee3 wrote

Wait until they get the hospital bill. I couldn't find a location so being from the States I assume USA.


discodropper t1_j9eldxp wrote

There’s almost always some monetary compensation for participating in medical research. The amount is typically associated with how intensive that research is. I’m not sure about long-term case studies like this one, but said compensation may have also included free treatment (which, for a year-long case, is pretty hefty).


Depressedgotfan t1_j9cjo7o wrote

Im on day two of covid, i dont think i can go another day. Let alone 318


Conscious_Pickle3605 t1_j9olrdv wrote

Seriously, I'm on day 5 of a fairly mild case and it SUCKS. Can't imagine dealing with this continuously.


Gotanyfunkopops t1_j9doctm wrote

I don’t know how I managed to dodge this for so long, but I hope I can keep dodging it forever.


JoaoBinda t1_j9ds47a wrote

You likely haven’t dodged catching it, you’ve just dodged the symptoms. I think there was a post in here a week or so ago about a certain protein found in the lungs that some people have that help them evade any symptoms.


Gotanyfunkopops t1_j9dyok1 wrote

My wife is a physician and we have tested frequently for it since the onset, and nope, neither of us have caught it. My wife is super careful, even now she still wears face shields and N95. I work from home and we still wear masks when we go out, so that helps too. We actually haven’t been sick with cold or flu in three years either.


Not_Stupid t1_j9ef9jk wrote

You've almost certainly been exposed though. You've just had a sufficient immune response to the viral particles that entered your system that they haven't been able to get a foothold and replicate to a detectable level.

My whole family got it, but I felt fine other than the barest hint of a headache. Tested negative for days after they'd all been confirmed, and finally got a postive test well after any hint of symptoms had gone.

Like you, I don't get sick much generally. From viruses at least, bacterial or fungal infections are a different story.


Single_Family_Homes t1_j9zalh3 wrote

This is just not knowable. You're making stuff up. Strong false consensus bias vibes here.


shooter_tx t1_j9evrws wrote

"My wife is a physician and we have tested frequently for it since the onset, and nope, neither of us have caught it."

Are y'all just testing for active infection (e.g. PCR and RAT)?

Or have y'all actually had "full panel" antibody tests?

(I call them 'full panel' now, because in the early days of the pandemic I had to get two different referrals in order to get a f'n antibody test, and despite asking and getting assurances from four different people that it wouldn't be just a simple IGA test... it did, in fact, end up being just a simple IgA test... I was f'n livid, and they ended up not charging me for it)


Gotanyfunkopops t1_j9gczwt wrote

Just testing for the active. We tested for the full panel about a year ago, and it came up negative. Haven’t done one ever since.


ParabellumJohn t1_j9cna0b wrote

This might explain long hauling, only after I got my first doses of the vaccine did I start to feel better

Got sick in May 2020, long hauled on/off until I got my first vaccine in middle of 2021


Conscious_Pickle3605 t1_j9omezp wrote

The situation described in the article is very different from long haul covid. In long covid, the initial infection has passed, but its aftereffects linger. However, with long covid you aren't contagious and would almost certainly get a negative result on an antigen test.

In this situation, a severely immunocompromised patient simply can't fight off the initial infection. Where a healthy body ultimately overwhelms the virus, this patient can only kill it off partially, creating accelerated evolution since the viruses better at avoiding the weakened immune system survive. This patient could actively infect anyone at any moment (and there's a huge threat that new, dangerous strains of covid could come from a patient like this).


thediesel26 t1_j9ds8os wrote

You know the vaccine isn’t a drug that cures active Covid infection right? It only inoculates you against contracting it.


ParabellumJohn t1_j9dsdm9 wrote

Not related to what I was saying


ParabellumJohn t1_j9ouk9e wrote

u/WAPE since you are continuing to harass me with messages, then deleting and blocking me so I can’t respond, I’ll be posting my response here

“YALE MEDICINE” is a legit medical source, I have yet to see any evidence provided by you to the contrary

I’m flattered you remembered me after so many days since we last talked. However please try to act like an adult on Reddit, children typically are not worth responding to


WAPE t1_j9dvvkp wrote

Neither is your point though. It’s not related to anything. Your point is made up and not based on anything scientific


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dotnetdotcom t1_j9eh9ha wrote

T cell escape... ah, of course... what's that?


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So they made the T-virus?


Tex-Rob t1_j9cjamq wrote

That person suffered so much, would be nice if the R&D community of the medical field paid that back to patients somehow. ahahaha, like they'd do that! One way street, information gained from them making money off you, classic medical world.


PA_Dude_22000 t1_j9ejs4r wrote

I think the one overarching truth I have learned about people in general from Reddit, is that around 75% of the population has terrible opinions on just about everything.