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Pillynap t1_j9ckbjt wrote

This is so amazing to me. My mother was a gifted pianist, loved in our community and every school kid knew her because she played at school assembly, concerts etc. One day she had a seizure out of nowhere. She kept having them. The doctor told her that they had identified the problem and they performed a surgery. She came round from the surgery and then almost immediately had a stroke due to a brain bleed from an area the surgeon had missed. They rushed her back in for emergency surgery, the result of which was she survived, barely, but completely lost the use of her left side. I'd visit her every day, massaging her hand, doing exercises with her. Everything I could, hoping and praying through physio she'd regain use of her arm and leg. She never did, but learned to live around it thanks to the amazing care my father gave her. I would have done anything for something to give her back that mobility, and independence, and to hear her play again. Although my mother isn't alive to benefit from this, it does my heart good knowing that someday people will.