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leonffs t1_j9daev7 wrote

A major stroke at 22 is pretty crazy.


laveshnk t1_j9dwsja wrote

My uncle had a similar stroke in his early fiftys. He was this wonderful old man who could only move his finger, so we attached a bell to his wheelchair arm. Unfortunately he was killed in a bomblast in his very own nursing home.

I can still remember sound of the dings he used to make.


leonffs t1_j9dx1t8 wrote

I understood that reference.


bobjr94 t1_j9e83xp wrote

My wife had 6 more more strokes by 42 and several major brain surgeries to restore profusion. She has MoyaMoya a uncommon disease that causes vessels in the brain to shrink and block blood flow. It can effect children from 6 months to several years old as well then seems to take a brake then hit people in their 40s to 50s.