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skater15153 t1_j9edexs wrote

Was thinking the same thing for me father. I'm also curious if there's something in this same path for the muscle tone many suffer from. Like if you could use this to help the opposite muscle to overcome tone issues. My dad has his legs basically locked up without drugs and the drugs knock him out.


cdrewing t1_j9f7l2w wrote

Ever tried cannabis by prescription? Your dad can take it before going to bed and doesn't need to be stoned while awake.


skater15153 t1_j9flmr8 wrote

I don't think he's tried it. Does it help with muscle tone?


cdrewing t1_j9gjt33 wrote

Yep. My wife tells me since I take it on a daily basis before going to bed I have less twitches in my legs. And from my own experience I can tell you: your sleep will become much more restful and longer. At the weekends sleeping for ten hours per night won't be a challenge - on average.